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19 Jul 2012  |  Europe

European Solar Power Markets

Despite High Potential, Growth Remains a Challenge Due to Diminishing Incentives and Market Cap

The European solar power market is primarily driven by government incentives and Europes agenda for clean energy. The photovoltaic solar market is undergoing a transition as the era of generous subsidies comes to an end and solar system prices continue to plummet. Chinese manufactures are exerting additional pricing pressure on their European coun...

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24 May 2012  |  Europe

Western European Power Plant Services Markets

Shifting Fuel Mix Brings Opportunities for Fossil Fuel Power Plant Servicing

The Western European power plant services market is expected to experience solid growth as the market shifts from steam-fired power plants to gas-fired power plants in order to reduce carbon emissions and to achieve a more adaptive and flexible generating system. Revenue growth will be supported by more LTSAs sold to the new fleet of gas-fired powe...

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17 May 2012  |  Europe

Strategic Overview of Generator Sets Market in Turkey

High Growth Outlook for Diesel Generator Sets in Turkey for Stand-by Power Applications

The market opportunities in cogeneration, trigeneration and gas generators, growing industrial and construction activities, replacement opportunities, tax advantages and Turkeys strategic location in its region are key factors driving the Turkish genset market. Meanwhile, low cost competition and pricing, with high operating costs and government ...

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10 May 2012  |  Europe

Analysis of Power and Cooling in the European Datacentre Market

Boom in the datacentre market to drive the power and cooling segments

The UPS segment in datacentre market is poised for high growth across Europe and is nearing maturity. The cooling segment in datacentre market is experiencing medium growth, the boom in the datacentre market across Europe is a major factor driving both UPS and Cooling segments and this trend is likely to continue in the future. The power and coolin...

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07 May 2012  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of Renewable Energy Markets in Turkey

Turkey Reaching New Heights in Renewable Energy Industry

Being one of the fastest growing economies, Turkey has realized the necessity of balancing its energy mix with renewable energy resources. As the key market players have gained experience, the sector has started to become one of the centres of attraction in terms of foreign investment flow. The declared feed-in tariffs within the scope of the recen...

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29 Mar 2012  |  Europe

Utility Strategies for Smart Grids in Europe

European Utilities Gearing up for Major Efficiency Drive through Smart Technology

The majority of European energy utilities have made considerable amount of progress towards smart grid implementation, especially in the areas of automated meter infrastructure (AMI) and demand side management. Approximately 35 per cent of utilities companies do not know when a return on investment will be achieved from their programs, whereas 29 p...

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27 Dec 2011  |  Europe

European Cogeneration Market

Combined Heat and PowerOpportunity to Improve Energy Efficiency in the European Union

Despite the high investment cost of cogeneration equipment and low payback periods of up to 5-7 years, Europe is quite well placed to rapidly expand cogeneration by 2020. The region is making gradual, though small, developments across technology, skills and supply chain to meet its targets of attaining energy efficiency through cogeneration. The Eu...

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26 Dec 2011  |  Europe

European UPS Market

Regaining Momentum Through Datacenter Investments

This study discusses the market drivers, restraints and challenges impacting the demand for UPS in the European region. This includes the UPS solutions used in industrial and commercial applications. The analysis is based on UPS construction type (static and rotary), power range (below 5KVA, 5 - 20KVA, 20-50KVA, 50-200 KVA, and above 200KVA), geogr...

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12 Dec 2011  |  Europe

European Low-Voltage Switchgear Markets

Energy Efficiency and Smart Energy Management Re-Invigorate Mature European LV Switchgear Market

Increasing industrial and commercial activity in Europe is the main driver of low voltage switchgear component sales. Additionally, smart meter implementation influenced by the European Commission (EC) target for 2020 is expected to increase the implementation of smart equipment, which eventually increases the low-voltage switchgear components reve...

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05 Dec 2011  |  Europe

European Secondary Lithium-Ion Battery Market

Industrial and Automotive applications boost market growth.

This research analyses the European market for rechargeable li-ion batteries and presents revenue forecasts, pricing analysis, market share analysis, trends and opportunities, and competitive overview. The research segments the Li-ion battery market into three end-user applications - consumer, industrial and automotive - and presents forecasts and ...

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