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06 Dec 2013  |  Africa

Strategic Outlook of Select Sub-Saharan Commercial Vehicle Market

Africa to Offer Level Playing Opportunity for Global Industry Participants

The Sub-Saharan African commercial vehicles study gives a strategic overview of the commercial vehicles market in twelve Sub-Saharan African countries. Due to the limited availability of raw materials and vehicle components, the commercial vehicles market has experienced years of decline in vehicle production. The emergence of low-cost vehicles fro...

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21 Nov 2013  |  Africa

The African Gas Turbine Market

Redefining Africa's Power Generation Mix

The energy and power systems (EPS) business unit within Frost & Sullivan constantly monitors global gas turbine markets. This research service provides a concise analysis of the current state of the African gas turbine market and focuses solely on large gas turbines with a power rating of 60 MW and above. This market analysis provides a concise ove...

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13 Nov 2013  |  Africa

East African Broadband Market

Increasing Uptake of Broadband Services in Ethiopia, Sudan, and Rwanda

This research service encompasses an analysis of East African broadband market focusing on Ethiopia, Sudan, and Rwanda. The study includes an analysis of key market developments and trends, the market size in terms of revenue and subscribers, demand and competition, and drivers and restraints. It also investigates the deployment of new technologies...

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12 Nov 2013  |  Africa

Energy Efficiency and Large South African Commercial Businesses

Quick Wins where High Electricity Tariffs can Negatively Affect Profit Margins

The research service highlights energy efficiency in the South African commercial sector, with a focus on large commercial businesses. The research service discusses the major drivers as well as major restraints the commercial sector faces when implementing energy efficiency projects. The study also outlines potential energy savings as well as curr...

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Emerging Middle East and Africa (MEA) is one of the fastest developing regions, with economies showing relative resilience to the global economic downturn and strengthened performance expected in the short term. Within the MEA region there are divergent growth patterns in H2 2013. The political instability in Egypt has severely hampered growth pros...

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25 Oct 2013  |  Africa

Analysis of the Nigerian Patient Monitor Market

Urbanisation is the Key Market Growth Driver

This research service provides an analysis of patient monitors within Nigeria, both in the public sector and private sector markets during the period 2012 to 2019. This research service was compiled using primary and secondary research as the principle methods of data gathering. The patient monitor market is segmented into 3 main product segments ...

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Oil-exporting countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria are likely to grow at a steady rate in Q4 2013 and H1 2014. Due to moderate global demand for oil, oil companies are reported to be scaling down oil production and holding back oil and gas sector investments in major oil producing economies in the region. This is likely to continue ...

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22 Oct 2013  |  Africa

South African Public Sector ICT Market

ICT Opportunities in the Public Sector

This research service provides an overview of the market opportunities for the ICT solutions in the public sector in South Africa. It highlights some of the key trends in the South African public sector based on ICT spending by the countrys 9 provinces, with a special focus on the 3 leading provinces - Gauteng, the Western Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal....

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17 Oct 2013  |  Africa

Southern African Broadband Market Analysis

Competition will Diversify the Broadband Market

This study provides an overview of the broadband market in Southern Africa, with a specific focus on the Mozambican and Namibian markets. The research service analyses the current market dynamics in terms of broadband subscribers and the respective revenues. Total market metrics, forecast trends, competition, and supply chain analyses are provides ...

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16 Oct 2013  |  Africa

Overview of the 12I Tax Incentive in South Africa

Significant Tax Allowances for Manufacturing Assets and Skills Development

The aim of this market insight is to facilitate understanding of the 12I Tax Incentive in South Africa. The insight should provide knowledge in many areas, including: general overview of the 12I, including a brief outline of policy context and sector value; a description of the targeted beneficiaries and main objectives of the 12I; a discussion of ...

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