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29 Oct 2014  |  North America

Global Military Helicopters Market Assessment

Is the End Close? Platforms and Systems Undertaking the Last Phases of the Fleet Renewal Trend

Is the end close? Dramatic budget cuts and frozen orders have blurred promises of market recovery across Western markets. Moreover, the rising adoption of unmanned aerial systems seems to progressively make manned helicopters irrelevant. Yet, military helicopters are witnessing continued interest from military end users as helicopters still offer u...

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20 Oct 2014  |  Global

Global Military Naval Vessels Platforms Market Assessment

Market Growth Driven by Procurement Of Multi-role Frigates and Submarines

This research service assesses industry participation in the global military naval vessels platforms market and identifies key trends and market characteristics for new platform procurements and platform modernisation. The analysis considers 13 main military naval vessel platformssuper carriers, light aircraft carriers, amphibious vessels, cruiser...

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14 Oct 2014  |  North America

Analysis of the Global Civil Helicopters Market

Platforms and Systems Must Evolve to Function in Harsher, Multirole Environments

As civil operators progressively renew legacy helicopters, the new generation of platforms will increasingly face challengesespecially from a financial perspective because of stretched government budgets and irregular turnovers. Moreover, new operational requirements, such as overnight missions to distant locations, are dictating specific requirem...

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10 Oct 2014  |  North America

Analysis of the Global Military Satcom Applications Market

Migration to High Throughput Bandwidth and IP-based MilSatCom Networks

This study analyzes the global military satcom applications market, on the downstream hardware segments. The focus area of this study is high throughput satellites and their impact on military satcom (MilSatCom) spend, owing to the migration to high throughput satellites and high frequency bandwidths for enhanced connectivity across strategic and t...

USD 4,950.00
07 Oct 2014  |  North America

Mexico Security Market Insight

Security Investment in the Context of the War on Organised Crime

Although not seeing the same economic growth as some countries in Latin America, Mexico is in a healthy financial position. Whilst much of the countrys economic stability can be traced to the development of its rich energy deposits, Mexico is unboundedly an important hub in LATAM. Improvements are also being made to other important elements of nat...

USD 1,500.00
06 Oct 2014  |  Latin America

Brazilian Security Market Insight

Threat-driven Security Investment Buoyed by Economic Growth and Political Will

Brazil finds itself in a period of great internal transition. As one of the worlds growing economic powers with an enhanced presence in the international community, the future of development within Brazil is being keenly followed. Opportunities for security suppliers will be enhanced as the government continues to focus on infrastructure creation ...

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29 Sep 2014  |  Global

Impact of Cybersecurity Innovations in Key Sectors (Technical Insights)

Customized cybersecurity measures help overcome Industry specific challenges

The growing number of cyber attacks and cyber crimes have resulted in compromise of data, important computing resources and network outages. With the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in almost every sector, attacks have been increasing at an alarming rate. The need for efficient cybersecurity solutions is evident i...

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29 Sep 2014  |  Global

Internet of Things (IoT) - Disruptive Opportunities in Key Sectors (Technical Insights)

Connecting Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime Intelligently

The Internet of things (IoT) is a concept that has emerged from a vision of an always connected world. Seamless connectivity between devices anywhere, anytime, in any condition is the goal behind the concept of IoT. This research service explores the impact of Internet of Things in key sectors such as Energy, Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturi...

USD 4,950.00
29 Sep 2014  |  Global

Touchless Sensors Technology - 9 Dimensional Assessment (Technical Insights)

Next Paradigm in Human-Machine Interface

The research study focuses on user interface applications of advanced touchless sensing technologies. Such advanced technologies as gesture sensing, voice command, brain wave sensing, and eye tracking are creating new opportunities for touchless sensing applications. Next-generation interfaces that are enabled by these advanced touchless technologi...

USD 4,950.00
29 Sep 2014  |  Global

Technology Convergence Scenarios (Technical Insights)

Technology Convergence

5 Convergence Scenario Examples using the top 50 technologies generated by Technical Insights in 2014

USD 4,950.00

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