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This paper explores the drivers for a wireless data world. It looks at the dynamics of consumer wireless use and the emerging data centric wireless market. Finally, it explores the ways in which the various players in the market must adjust their approach to wireless service delivery and management. This paper will be useful to decision-makers in t...

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This Stratecast report analyzes MRLA in context with other activities that occur every day on a national and global scale - activities in the private and public sectors that Stratecast believes have a far greater impact on privacy than MRLA. The report analyzes steps the industry has taken to address consumer privacy; as well as solutions and provi...

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31 Dec 2014  |  Global

Future of B2B Online Retailing

The Global B2B E-commerce Market Will Reach $6.7 Trillion by 2020

B2B online retail is projected to grow to $6.7 trillion by 2020 due to the rapid migration of manufacturers and wholesalers from legacy systems to open, online platforms. The market is expected to double the B2C online market size and witness much higher transaction volumes. B2B online relationships are expected to move from one-to-many to many-to-...

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30 Dec 2014  |  Latin America

Strategic Analysis of the Brazilian Companies Investments in ICT

A Deep Analysis of Current and Future Investments in Brazil Regarding IT and Telecom Trends

Frost & Sullivan surveyed 313 Brazilian companies in order to understand their current and future ICT investments, drivers, restraints, and their perceptions about trends such as cloud computing and Big Data analytics.

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This report examines the more than 30 global suppliers offering Financial Assurance solutions, and discusses the importance of each part of the Financial Assurance domain.

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29 Dec 2014  |  Global

Technology Convergence Enabling Smart Factories (Technical Insights)

Factories with Advanced Intelligent Capabilities

The research service covers technologies enabling smart factories and their convergence. Convergence of technologies in smart factories will be focused on increasing production efficiency by reducing cost and achieving the desired quality product with minimal wastage and monitoring supply chain in real-time. The report primarily covers overview of ...

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In previous articles, Frost & Sullivan described how open innovation (OI) means that Innovation Has Left the Lab: A Primer and First Step on an Open Innovation Journey and how ICT Takes Open Innovation to the Rest of the Economy.

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29 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) Protection Market 2013

Increased Number of Volumetric and Sophisticated DDoS Attacks Drive the Market

The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection solution market continued to gain greater traction among organizations in Asia-Pacific (APAC) during 2013, as it experienced a strong growth of 28.6% on a year-on-year (YoY) basis. Increased number of DDoS attacks on government agencies and organizations across countries in APAC, during 2013, resu...

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24 Dec 2014  |  Europe

ICT Providers in Energy

Companies to Watch in Central and Eastern Europe

The energy sector in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is on the verge of smart grid transformation. Smart metering remains the key focal point, and smart grid technologies are deployed in pilot projects. This study provides a market analysis of smart energy development in CEE and presents key characteristics of the fast growing IT market in the reg...

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Frost & Sullivan periodically summarizes trends reported in the Trackers (mid-year) and CCS market dynamics (year-end). Accordingly, this report highlights 1H 2014 Tracker trends and industry developments for the four CCS market segments, and projects future subscriber and revenue growth. This report will be of interest to network operators who cur...

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