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28 Oct 2014  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Brazilian Total Telecommunications Services Market

Revenue Growing Below Inflation Indicates a Consolidation Trend

This study covers the state of the Brazilian telecommunication markets, examining drivers and restraints for growth, technology, regulation, demand, and geographical trends. In the study, the market growth for Brazilian telecommunication market segments is forecasted. An in-depth analysis of the competitive situation and market share of telecommuni...

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27 Oct 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Indian Third-Party Managed Services Market 2014

The IaaS Ecosystem and its Transformational Impact on Enterprises

The study provides comprehensive insights into the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market in India. The base year of the study is FY 2014 and the forecast period is till FY 2019. The report also includes an analysis of IaaS market size, IaaS competitor ecosystem, end-user insights, key technological trends, and a roadmap for the future. The rese...

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20 Oct 2014  |  Latin America

The Effect of WebRTC on the Unified Communications and Collaboration Market

Driving UCC Capabilities to the Masses

Web Real-time Communication (WebRTC) ranks among the most disruptive communications and collaboration technologies seen in years. Since the release of the project in May 2011, the market has seen an explosive growth of both WebRTC support and WebRTC-based offerings. This Frost & Sullivan market insight analyzes the impact of WebRTC on the enterpris...

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09 Oct 2014  |  North America

The Office of the Future

Analysis of Collaboration Tools and Futuristic Technologies Shaping the Connected Workplace

The Office of the Future will witness revolutionary changes with the infusion of intelligent tools like augmented reality, Internet of Things, and wearable devices. This phenomenal transformation is expected to result in a context-aware and self-aware work environment that enables employees to engage and deliver anywhere and anytime. This study exp...

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09 Oct 2014  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Latin American Hosted IP Telephony and Integrated UCC Applications Market

Carriers Prove Essential in Hosted Market Development

The hosted Internet protocol (IP) telephony and integrated unified communications and collaboration (UCC) applications market in Latin American is expected to exhibit impressive growth during the next 7 years. The number of service providers offering these solutions is projected to significantly increase in the next 1218 months, thus augmenting th...

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09 Oct 2014  |  Africa

Strategic Analysis of Public Wi-Fi in Sub-Saharan Africa

Surging Demand from Consumers to Access Data on their Mobile Devices Fuels Market Growth

This research service provides an overview of the status of public Wi-Fi in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. It focuses on the main service providers in this market as well as the strategies they have adopted in deploying Wi-Fi hotspots. Included in the research is a discussion of emerging trends in the market, also highlighting customer and techn...

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01 Oct 2014  |  Global

European Retail Carrier Ethernet Services Market

Growing Demand for Enterprise Connectivity Will Drive the Growth for Ethernet Services

The retail Ethernet services market refers to the provision of Ethernet for enterprises or business use. A moderate growth is expected in this market, driven by the increasing need for enterprise connectivity to access new applications such as cloud or conferencing services, as well as to connect to offices located across cities globally. While Wes...

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01 Oct 2014  |  North America

Latin America Pay TV Services Market

Competitive Market, Local Content Requirements, and Local Currency Depreciation Restrain Growth

This research provides the key findings of the global communication test services market. The communication test services market comprises of four segments: broadband wireless test services, broadband wire line test services, security test services, and application layer test services. This study features revenue forecasts from 2010 to 2020, and in...

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01 Oct 2014  |  Global

Global Video Conferencing Endpoints and Infrastructure MarketQ2 2014 Update

Continued Turmoil as Growth Shifts to Cloud and Soft Clients

The overall revenue of the enterprise video-conferencing market continues to undergo a rapid decline as growth shifts to cloud and software-based solutions. The ongoing shift to software-centric solutions and cloud services is creating challenges for vendors, while also opening up new opportunities for growth.

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01 Oct 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Potential of Low-Bandwidth VPN Services Market in India

SME Boom in India Drives the Market

The study provides an insight into an emerging product segment within the VPN space classified as low-bandwidth VPN services. MPLS VPN is one of the largest revenue generating products in the Indian enterprise telecom space and, in a bid to target specific segments such as the SME in the Indian market, the market participants have come out with inn...

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