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15 Sep 2015  |  North America

Development of Value-based Imaging

Driving Vendor-Customer Relationships in a Value-focused Medical Imaging Environment in the United States

A trickle-down effect from healthcare reform, together with a transformation operated from within, is pushing the medical imaging industry into a value-focused environment. Although it does seem that the volume-to-value transition in medical imaging will be more of a gradual process than an overnight change, it is already well underway. Its impact ...

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31 Mar 2015  |  North America

Advances in rehabilitation devices -- Technical Insights

Technological Solutions in Rehabilitation Devices

This Technical Insights Research Service (RS) highlights technological advances that are enabling rehabilitation devices. Innovations in core technologies, incremental product enhancements, and convergence of different technologies are assessed. This global industry study, analyzes the market accelerators and challenges, recent IP activity in this ...

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03 Mar 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Singapore Private Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging Services Market

Sophisticated Technologies Present Opportunities in a Highly Vibrant Healthcare Industry

The Singapore private outpatient diagnostic imaging services market offers insights on diagnostic imaging products such as computed tomography scanners, magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray, mammogram, positron emission tomography, and single-photon emission computed tomography used in polyclinics, private hospitals, and diagnostic centers. Procedura...

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03 Aug 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Medical Tourism Outlook

New Champions on the Horizon are Threatening Market Leaders

This research service provides an analysis of the medical tourism industry in the APAC region. It provides a detailed analysis of the current trends, market size, revenue forecast, drivers, and restraints in medical tourism industry in the region. Market participants and key opinion leaders in APAC hospitals were interviewed to obtain their percept...

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30 Sep 2015  |  Europe

Profiling the Top Mergers and Acquisition Within Medical Devices Space

Changing Healthcare Dynamics Driving the M&A

The landscape of healthcare is rapidly changing worldwide as governments are reducing healthcare spending through means such as reimbursement cuts. The medical devices market bears the direct brunt of these measures. To overcome this, medical device companies are involved in active mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The study analyses the key factors ...

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08 Apr 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the TIM (Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia) Digital and Computed Radiography Markets

Technology Enhancements Accelerate Growth of X-ray Imaging

This research service presents an analysis of the digital and computed radiography markets in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia (TIM). It provides an in-depth analysis of the current trends and market size, as well as regional market drivers and restraints. The study offers revenue forecasts by country and discusses market penetration and market at...

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15 Dec 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Medical Imaging Market in Selected ASEAN Countries

Growth and Trends in CT, MR, PET, and SPECT Modalities

This research service provides an analysis of the medical imaging market in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. It provides a detailed analysis of current trends, market size, revenue forecasts, and drivers and restraints for the computed tomography (CT), medical resonance (MR), Positron emission tomography (PET), and single-photon emissi...

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28 Sep 2015  |  Asia Pacific

End-User Perspectives on the SEA RIS/ PACS Market

Next-generation Imaging IT Needs Will Focus on Interoperability

Picture archiving communication systems (PACS) were a real game changer 3 decades ago when, in combination with radiology information systems (RIS), they enabled rapid digitalization of medical imaging data. Today, Southeast Asia again stands at the brink of transformation as RIS PACS enter their second or third generation of deployment. In an effo...

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Overview and discussion of a key theme from the ECR 2015 Annual Meeting, on major steps taken towards globalizing evidence-based imaging guidelines.

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21 Sep 2015  |  North America

Vital Signs - Review of AHRA 2015: Key Conference Takeaways and Gadolinium Based MR Contrast Agents Safety Issues

Overview of Top Themes from the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA)

A record-high attendance of 1,000 radiology directors and managers convened to the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA 2015) held this year in Las Vegas. Radiology is going through interesting times indeed. Under the coordinated care paradigm that is gradually emerging in the U.S., and with all the changes th...

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