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11 Dec 2015  |  Africa

Market Analysis for Industrial Ethanol and Fuel Ethanol from Biomass in Africa

Government Blending Mandates Drive Bioethanol Demand

This market insight analyses the use of biomass in Africa for the production of industrial and fuel ethanol. After a brief overview of the global bioethanol market, the study focuses on the African market, as well as selects raw materials used in bioethanol production. These raw materials include maize, sorghum, and sugarcane. A detailed overview o...

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09 Dec 2015  |  Africa

The Impact of Regulatory Developments within the Telecommunications Markets of Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa

Broadband Reach to be Enhanced through the Release of Spectrum from Digital Migration

This study analyses the regulatory environment concerning telecommunications in selected countries within the African continent. The aim of the research is to assess the impact of regulations on the development of the telecommunications market in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. The key objectives are to provide an overview of developments relatin...

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08 Dec 2015  |  Africa

The Telecommunications Market in West AfricaKey Fixed and Mobile Market Indicators

Operators Seek Strategic Partnerships to Access Advanced Technologies

This research service provides an analysis of the West African telecommunications market. The areas of focus are fixed-line, mobile, and Internet communications with special interest in broadband communications. Technologies include fibre, satellite, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, 3G, ADSL, and CDMA. Each of the 15 West African countries is analyzed on country and ...

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25 Nov 2015  |  Africa

The Hydroelectric Inga III Project of the DRC

What Opportunities Exist for Inga III Considering the Current State of the Project and the DRC

A planned 4,800 MW will arise from Inga III Basse Haute (BC), the first phase of two for the powerful Congo River. While the Inga project is a multinational mega project meant to provide power to several off-takers in Southern Africa, it has seen delays putting the operational date after 2020. These challenges are being addressed with the help of s...

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25 Nov 2015  |  Africa

Supply Chain in Africa: An Overview of Kenya, Nigeria, and Mozambique

Planned Port and Transport Corridor Infrastructure to Boost Intra-African Trade

Connectivity between African countries is very limited, and intra-regional trade is currently only 12% of the continents total trade. This is mainly due to poor transport infrastructure, conflicting trade rules, and cross-border restrictions. This market insight analyses the base and intermediate chemical supply chain in Kenya, Nigeria, and Mozamb...

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23 Nov 2015  |  Africa

Construction PlasticsGlobal Trends Impacting South Africa and Nigeria

Convergence of Technology and Industry Demand Encouraging Growth

This research identifies the global trends of plastics used in construction and analyses the trends that are being adopted locally in South Africa and Nigeria. It also highlights the countries with best practices in construction plastics, green movements, and sustainable initiatives that are impacting the construction plastics industry in South Afr...

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29 Sep 2015  |  Africa

The Telecommunications Market in East AfricaKey Fixed and Mobile Market Indicators

Operators Look to New Revenue Streams to Sustain Their Growth

This research provides an analysis of the East African telecommunications market. The focus areas are fixed-line, mobile, and Internet communications, with special interest in broadband communications. The study includes analysis for the 13 East African countries on country and regional levels. The study highlights key mobile network operators and ...

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25 Sep 2015  |  Africa

Large-Scale Renewable Energy Power Development Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa

A Story About Bankability, Affordability, and Grid Capacity

This research service on renewable energy (RE) power development opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) provides market drivers and restraints, overview of RE support policies prevalent in the region, ranking of countries offering the best market opportunities as well as a detailed list of operating and RE power projects under development. In...

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25 Sep 2015  |  Africa

East Africa Energy

The East African Renaissance and the Resultant Energy Opportunities

Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda are key economies in the fast-growing East African region, which is emerging as a hotbed for energy-related investments. The expanding urban population, hydrocarbon discoveries, and the growing demand for modern energy forms, such as electricity and natural gas, will drive a socio-economic transformation wherei...

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22 Sep 2015  |  Africa

Executive Analysis of Nigerian Passenger Vehicle Market

Van/Pickup Segment will have the Highest Growth Rate in the Forecast Period

The passenger vehicle market in Nigeria has experienced significant growth in the recent years. The market is dominated by sedans and vans/pickups such as Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Luxury cars constitute a small portion of the new vehicle sales but the segment will grow the fastest in the coming years due to increasing disposable income of Nig...

USD 4,950.00

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