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25 Oct 2017  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Indian Auto Lubricants Aftermarket Outlook, 2017

Competition Intensity, Engine Technology, Emissions Regulations, and Customer Behavior are influencers for the Automotive Lubricants Aftermarket

This Industry Docket throws light on the aftermarket potential for automotive lubricants in the Indian market. The potential has been assessed and presented separately by vehicle segment, i.e. 2 wheelers, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and tractors, and further by product segment, i.e. engine oil, transmission oil and grease. For lubricant sup...

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21 Dec 2017  |  North America

Global Earth Moving, Construction and Mining Equipment Market, Forecast to 2026

Promising Investments in Construction and Mining Sectors Set to Create $250 Billion Revenue Opportunities by 2026

The aim of this study is to research, analyse and provide forecasts for the Global Earth Moving, Excavation and Mining Equipment Market. The study analyses key drivers and restraints, evaluates market and technology trends, and offers strategic recommendations.. The study provides a strategic overview of the market in various regions, with detailed...

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26 Dec 2017  |  North America

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the Future of Manufacturing, Forecast to 2021

IIoT Architecture Standardization to Create a $90 Billion Opportunity by 2021

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be leveraged to transform the production aspect and future potential of the automotive manufacturing business. While evolving technologies play a key role in fostering the automotive business, it becomes crucial for automotive manufacturers to stay connected in order to amalgamate different technologies like...

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26 Dec 2017  |  Global

Executive Analysis of Electric Truck Market, Forecast to 2025

Chinese Thrust to Propel Global Light-medium-heavy Duty Electric Truck Market to More than 2.5 Million Units in Annual Sales by 2025

This study provides an overview of the opportunities in the global medium heavy-duty electric truck market in the period 2016–2025. The study reveals that the Chinese electric truck market will be the global electric medium heavy-duty truck leader and is expected to be dominated by fully electric trucks with 61.1% market share, followed by plug-i...

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29 Dec 2017  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

GCC Strategic Insights into Construction Equipment Industry, Forecast to 2020

Efforts Towards Low Emission and Fuel Efficient Construction Equipment Set to Accelerate the Market Growth

The aim of this study is to research, identify, and understand the economic outlook that will influence a wide range of activities, processes, and perceptions associated with the construction equipment Industry in GCC countries (unit shipment forecast). The study analyses the key drivers and restraints, market trends, and provides key conclusions. ...

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This Automotive and Transportation TOE identifies and discusses innovations in unmanned vessels and underwater vehicles, acoustic sensors for underwater navigation, LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles, machine vision technology for ADAS (advanced drive assistance systems), and connected vehicle platforms. The purpose of the Automotive and Trans...

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16 Nov 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Landscape of Auto Leasing Market in Malaysia

A Largely Untapped Market that Presents Several Growth Opportunities

The auto leasing market in Malaysia presents a considerable untapped potential. Malaysia has one of the lowest fleet sizes for auto leasing and car rental in Asia-Pacific region. The auto leasing market in the country faces challenges such as economic slowdown, negative mind set of companies/people toward auto leasing, decline in oil and gas indust...

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17 Nov 2017  |  Europe

Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Belgium

Infrastructure Developments and Technological Advancements will Drive the Logistics Market

Belgium’s economic growth will be supported by resilient private investment. High capacity utilization and favorable financial conditions will fuel strong private investment, although a weak labor market will affect private consumption in 2017 and 2018. Key logistics locations include Brussels, Antwerp, Liege, and Genk. In terms of the Logistics...

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05 Dec 2017  |  Global

Select Automotive OEM R&D KPIs Analysis, 2011–2016

Around $40 Billion was Spent on R&D by 5 Global Automotive OEMs in 2016

Automotive manufacturers are currently focusing on building fully connected and completely autonomous vehicles, as drivers expect next-generation digital technologies in their cars. As autonomous and connected technologies go hand-in-hand in building efficient self-driving cars, connected car technologies will create a drift in the automotive ecosy...

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05 Dec 2017  |  North America

OEM Strategies for Particulate Matter (PM) Emission Reduction in Direct Injection Gasoline Engines, 2017–2022

In-cylinder Optimizations With Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) to Play a Key Role for OEMs to Achieve the Long-term Goal of PM Reduction

The aim of this study is to research, analyze, and represent the particulate emission control strategies of key global OEMs for powertrain technologies in vehicles with direct injected gasoline engines. The prime objectives of this study are: • Providing a strategic overview of the European and North American powertrain approaches for PM emissio...

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