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24 Dec 2019  |  North America

Global Blu-ray Media and Players Market, Forecast to 2025

4K/HDR/Dolby Atmos will Ensure Continued Relevance of Blu-ray Players and Media Despite Consumer Shift to OTT Streaming Services

Blu-ray technology vendors face significant challenges stemming from the continued momentum of over-the-top (OTT) video streaming—the fastest-growing segment of the home video market. The seemingly inevitable consumer transition from physical disc to digital video content consumption via OTT services is negatively impacting the sales of Blu-ray p...

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12 Dec 2019  |  North America

Global PC Market, Forecast to 2025

Vendors Must Target Opportunities in the Enterprise Segment and Leverage the Broader Mobility and Cloud Computing Trends

The PC market will continue to decline over the forecast period. Market saturation in developed markets is a significant barrier to growth. Brutal price competition and ongoing pressure from competing alternative devices negatively impact the long-term market outlook. The PC market faces persistent challenges from rapidly changing consumer PC buyin...

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02 Dec 2019  |  North America

The Pros and Cons of Deploying A DIY or Outsourced Multi-CDN Solution

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Strategy For Using Multi-CDNs to Deliver Video

Most large broadcasters and OTT services have deployed multi-CDN solutions to improve the end-user experience for video. There have been many instances where a multi-CDN strategy was a key component in the overall OTT workflow.There are a lot of different ways to implement a multi-CDN strategy and much of it is dependent on how much the customer wa...

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02 Dec 2019  |  North America

CDN Switching Blind Spots Can Result in Rebuffering

When CDNs Experience Outages, Their Users Will Encounter Rebuffering

Reducing video rebuffering can be difficult. Going multi-CDN can provide several benefits for customers, such as better geographic coverage and, possibly, better economics. Adding live switching logic between the CDNs goes a step further and enables load balancing and redundancy in case of problems. Different layers of redundancy and different leve...

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02 Dec 2019  |  North America

OTT Streaming Services Recognize the Importance of Making Content Downloadable

Mobile Video Downloads is a Promising Feature for Streaming Platforms

Many of the common problems encountered by viewers are the result of connectivity issues, especially on mobile. Globally, many viewers are plagued by problematic cellular connections that can’t support their on-demand video needs. Studies show that viewers are increasingly impatient, and the lag or buffering that results from insufficient connect...

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02 Dec 2019  |  North America

The Challenges and Best Practices for Inserting Ads into OTT Downloadable Videos

AVOD Providers are Unsure About Integrating into an Ad-supported Business Model

The importance of download as a feature within OTT services and how it may be a big business opportunity for AVOD providers cannot be overstated. But this will only hold true if the technology can work seamlessly with existing apps and ad-based revenue models. More OTT services, both AVOD and SVOD, must start including downloads as an option, to en...

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18 Jul 2019  |  North America

Global Media Content Delivery Networks Market, Forecast to 2024

Proliferation of Content and Increasing Consumption Spurring Growth

Content delivery network (CDN) providers offer service-based technology and products that enable the delivery of content from their servers to the end user on the public internet. CDN vendors largely have proprietary infrastructure and use a combination of servers, network routing, and intelligent software to enable delivery of content from their n...

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12 Jul 2019  |  North America

Global Content Management Solutions Market for the Media Industry, Forecast to 2024

In a Fragmented Market, Home-grown Solutions Restrict Revenue Growth and North America Remains the Primary Focus for Market Expansion

Consumption of news and entertainment has evolved; consumers want access to information anytime, anywhere, and across devices. This is driving the adoption of CMS to deliver content across form factors. The need for this shift in media consumption habits is the result of changing expectations of consumers who are demanding news and media platforms ...

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25 Apr 2019  |  North America

Global OTT Monitoring and Compliance Market, Forecast to 2024

Growth of Video Streaming Depends on Good Quality of Service (QoS)

Over the top (OTT) monitoring and compliance (M&C) solutions often overlap with complementary software solutions, such as quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS) measurements for the distribution of video over streaming services. Most OTT monitoring and compliance vendors have proprietary software and use a combination of servers, ...

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22 Mar 2019  |  North America

4K Streaming Adoption will be Stalled by Bandwidth Rather than Hardware and Devices

Costs Drive Adoption and Content Owners cannot Afford the Bandwidth Costs Currently Assosicated with 4K Streaming

4K and HEVC are exciting and the direction the market is headed towards, until AV1 takes their place. However, vendors, content owners and the media need to have realistic expectations of what is possible with 4K streaming and utilize accurate estimates when it comes to bitrates, costs, efficiencies, and Internet speeds. Based on the HEVC testing t...

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