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The Mobility Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) for December 2020 covers innovations in robot taxis, ADAS related innovations, solid-state LIDAR, nozzles to keep sensors clean, self-driving trucks, hybrid vehicles, and EV batteries. The purpose of the Mobility Technology TOE is to raise awareness of global technology innovations in self-propelle...

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17 Dec 2020  |  Global

Over 2000 Start Ups Disrupting the Global Automotive and Mobility Sector

With $188 Billion Funding, Start Ups are Accelerating Innovation within the Auto Industry Eco System with Innovative Business Models

The mobility industry is witnessing widespread change. Over the last decade or so, existing solutions and archaic models within the automotive industry have been confronted by auto-tech solutions and new business models that are set to transform the way people commute from point A to point B. Recent trends in artificial intelligence, machine learni...

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14 Dec 2020  |  Global

Frost Radar™: Predictive Maintenance Services in the North American Medium-to-Heavy-Duty Vehicle Market, 2020

A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation That Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

In the North American medium-to-heavy-duty vehicle market, predictive maintenance (PdM) solution providers primarily rely on condition monitoring tools, such as telematics devices, and data generated from sensors to anticipate maintenance time frames and enhance asset performance and safety. Telematics service providers (TSPs) and original equipmen...

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27 Nov 2020  |  Global

Frost Radar™: Global Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market, 2020

A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action—Innovation That Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

Many surveys conducted across the globe indicate one common issue tied to electric vehicles (EVs): drivers fear not finding a suitable charging station when needed. Globally, increasing demand for EVs has created significant need for more charging points. About 7.3 million chargers are active across the world (as of 2019), of which, nearly 6.5 mill...

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24 Nov 2020  |  Global

Post-Pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Connected Truck Telematics Industry

Telematics to Play a Crucial Role as a Productivity Tool During the Pandemic to Sustain Vehicle and Business Efficiency

Commercial vehicle manufacturers have been affected by steep reductions in sales in 2020. Medium-duty truck sales have fallen by 19.2%, and heavy-duty trucks have dipped by 31.1% from 2019 levels. Nationwide lockdowns and temporary stoppages in commercial transport operations have left fleets floundering, both financially and operationally. Burdene...

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The Mobility Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) for November 2020 covers advancements in augmented reality (AR) heads-up displays (HUDs), autonomous vehicles, sensor fusion, artificial intelligence, ride hailing electric vehicles, and test benches. Some of the key innovations profiled include AR HUD for autonomous vehicles, beam steering weatherpr...

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09 Nov 2020  |  Global

Technology Development Strategy Driving Waymo’s Innovative Business Models, 2020

Waymo’s In-house Technological Innovations and Strategic Partnerships Will Continue to Upend the Traditional Automotive Industry

By the beginning of this decade, the term 'autonomous vehicles' had become familiar to the layman. Since the global COVID-19 pandemic, the automotive industry has been in a state of dichotomy. There is a clear realization that past predictions of launching fully autonomous vehicles by 2020 will not materialize; however, collective milestones in the...

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27 Oct 2020  |  Global

Post COVID-19 Growth Opportunities in the Global Medium/Heavy Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket, 2020

Telematics Growth Allows Suppliers to Participate in New Sales Platforms

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect industries worldwide, but few can feel it as directly as the global commercial vehicles aftermarket. The collapse of economic activity in many regions means companies will drive their work trucks less, and they will spend less to maintain them. The aim of this study is to identify the size of the global commercial ...

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The October 2020 edition of Mobility Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers innovations in e-axles, air sterilizers, smart cruise control, radars, and autonomous vehicles. Some of the innovations profiled include e-axles for electric cars, air sterilizers for buses, noise cancellations, smart cruise control, electric vehicle batteries, radar se...

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21 Oct 2020  |  Global

COVID-19 Impact Assessment, Recovery Road, and Growth Opportunities for the Global Two-wheeler Industry, 2019–2025

Transformational growth of 2W sales will ensure an aggressive rebound at 17.5%, by 2021

COVID-19 has brought the two-wheeler industry to a screeching halt. Governments across the world were forced to institute lockdowns on commercial and personal life for nearly two months. The automotive industry took the biggest hit as the global supply chain had to come to a halt. With customers not purchasing new vehicles, the two-wheeler (2W) ind...

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