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29 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

LPWAN Market in Southeast Asia, 2016

Growing Market but MNOs will Require Careful Strategic Planning

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology will account for a significant share of Internet of Things (IoT) connections globally by 2020. This will be at the expense the fragmented M2M. With LPWAN being implemented by both mobile network operators (MNOs) and non-telcos, MNOs will require careful planning due to increasing competition and upcomi...

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27 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Malaysia Data Center Services Market, Forecast to 2023

Favorable Government Efforts in Developing Malaysia as a Data Center Hub Remain Key to Industry Growth

Hyperscale cloud service providers have been key in driving the demand for data center services in Malaysia, with more of these vendors identifying Malaysia as a country with rapid cloud adoption. For instance, earlier in May 2017, Alibaba Cloud announced its plans to open its first data center in Kuala Lumpur, increasing the company’s footprint ...

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20 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Industrial IoT Platform Market, Forecast to 2021

Sensors and Data Analytics are Enabling Industrial Companies to Optimize and Enhance Operations

Frost & Sullivan’s Mega Trends research shows that the next generation will have very different needs from the consumers of today. This new generation desires unique and personalized products, quickly and on-demand. In the face of these changes in society, industrial companies are starting to react and change to remain competitive. To meet the n...

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20 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Water Meter Market in Asia-Pacific, Forecast to 2022

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Expand Service Propositions, But it is Unique Business Model that is Key to Success in Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) water meter market, comprising basic water meters, automated meter reading (AMR), and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies is growing steadily due to the region-wide focus on improving metering penetration and reducing non-revenue water (NRW) losses. The market is likely to grow at a modest Compound Annual Gro...

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19 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Digital Transformation of Critical Communications for Public Safety in Australia, Forecast to 2022

Move towards LTE and the Leverage of 5G and IoT to Drive the Digital Transition

Meeting the interoperability and technological needs of first responders, the securitisation of data and network, the emergence of digital trends (5G, IoT, cloud, big data), meeting public expectations and heightened public safety issues (natural disasters and catastrophic incidents) are driving growth in critical communication solutions expenditur...

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15 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

SEA & ANZ Industrial Pump Factbook, Forecast to 2021

Oil & Gas and Water & Wastewater Management are the Key End-use Industries to watch

Scope and key content: Industrial pumps market has been experiencing high competition in SEA & ANZ. Affected by the fluctuated oil price, how manufacturers take share from this market has become a crucial issue. Meanwhile, with industry 4.0’s impact, embedded software and intelligent control system into the industrial pumps has become a trend tha...

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12 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Data Center Standards

Best Practices in Defining Government Data Center Standards

Data Centers industry is more than 20 years old and over the years data center has become complex to operate. It has become quite challenging for data center operators to run their data center efficiently. The whole Asia Pacific is getting on the bandwagon of getting digitized and local governments have introduced many initiatives that would accele...

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11 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Power Cable Materials Market, Forecast to 2023

Amidst Strong Regional Economic Growth and Shift Towards Renewable Energy, XLPE Insulation and CPE Jacketing Threaten PVC’s Traditional Hegemony

This research service focuses on power cable non-conducting materials including insulation materials and jacketing materials in the Asia Pacific region. The timeframe covered by the research is 2013 to 2023, the base year being 2016. The market is forecast from 2017 to 2023.

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08 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

ASEAN Logistics Market—Disruptive Innovations, Forecast to 2025

Futuristic Analysis of Key Trends Transforming Regional Supply Chain Model

By 2025, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region is expected to be the next destination for global participants, replacing China, with its geographic proximity, large consumer base, and low costs attracting traders. Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam (the CLMV countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion) are emerging as an attract...

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07 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand Drives Market, Forecast to 2021

Investments in Infrastructure and Light Industries in the Region to Spur Growth in Adoption of Electric Drive Technology

This research service discusses the revenues generated by various Electric Drive suppliers in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The companies included in this study are all major vendors. Research Scope The objective is to identify the major end users, key product segments, core competitors, and the channels for distribution in each eco...

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