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27 Apr 2018  |  Europe

European Demand Response (DR) Market, 2018–2025

Fluctuating Energy Demand and Accelerating Growth in Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Will Drive the Nascent European DR Market

Demand Response (DR) is a mechanism to alter changes in patterns in electricity consumption by consumers through pricing signals and incentives, thereby reducing peak demand and strengthening grid flexibility. DR covers intentional modifications on the customer’s electricity usage patterns via altering the time of use and duration of use. DR has ...

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28 Sep 2012  |  Europe

European Substation Automation Market and Impact of Smart Grid

Deregulated Distribution Network Drives Investment in Efficient Infrastructure

This research service analyzes the European substation automation market and the impact of smart grid. Substation automation is an integral part of the smart grid installation across Europe. Incorporation of intelligence in the substation devices, and automating this operation using said intelligence is called substation automation. Automation of s...

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17 May 2012  |  Europe

Smart Grids in Europe - Identification of Key Growth Opportunities

Demand for High Quality Power, and Increasing Focus on Energy Efficiency is Driving the Market

The past 2-3 years have witnessed an increasing interest in smart grids and smart energy. Smart meters are considered to be the first step towards smart grid implementation. The smart meter rollout in Europe is well underway, boosted by the European Union legislation to achieve 80 percent coverage by 2020. Sweden and Italy had full scale penetratio...

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09 Oct 2012  |  Europe

European Nuclear Power Sector - Trends and Opportunities

Despite Fukushima, Nuclear will Play an Active Role in Europe's Energy Mix

Meeting energy needs while achieving security of supply and minimising carbon emissions are key challenges facing most countries. Although nuclear is gaining support in Europe, its significance varies among European countries. While some states are not willing to take risks and are opposed to nuclear (such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium...

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4 Item(s)