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19 Nov 2015  |  Europe

Trends in Western European Bioplastics in Packaging Market

Preference for Degradable Bioplastics Enables Strong Foothold for Market Participants

Bioplastics are manufactured from polymers derived from plants, from animals, or from microbes. Stricter regulations and the policies enforced on industries to reduce carbon footprints are the factors behind the current fast growth of this market. Consumers are also becoming aware of the deleterious effect on environment. Though the majority of bio...

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18 Nov 2015  |  Europe

Personal Protective Equipment Distribution Trends in Western Europe

Distributors Strengthen their Foothold by Increasing Focus on Safety Specialization and Customer Value Enhancement

The study analyses the personal protection equipment distribution market in Western Europe. The study discusses regional trends, types of distributors, emerging new channels, and top distribution trends in the market. Market estimates and product and regional splits are provided for the base year 2014. Products covered are basic workwear, above-the...

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12 Nov 2015  |  Europe

Western European Industrial Hand-Protection Market

Industrial Activity and Employment are Key Factors Governing Industry Growth

This research service provides a detailed analysis of the Western European industrial hand-protection market. The study period extends from 2011 to 2019 and the scope of the study covers the mechanical, chemical, thermal, and special protection markets in industrial hand-protection. The study also provides revenue forecasts by country for key regio...

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Cisco and Ericsson have embarked on a global strategic partnership that combines their market leadership in IP networks and mobile telecom, respectively. Ericsson will begin reselling Cisco's portfolio immediately, and both companies are already primed to deliver joint customer support.

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05 Nov 2015  |  Europe

Europe Carrier Quarterly Update Q2 2015

Key Developments in the European Telecommunications Markets

This research service provides an overview of key mobile and fixed communications developments by major European mobile operators in Q2 2015. It covers both qualitative (product launches, infrastructure development, partnerships/alliances, M&A activity, key client wins, change in personnel) and quantitative (mobile and fixed broadband subscribers, ...

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05 Nov 2015  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of the Turkish Fleet and Leasing Market

Turkey Emerges as one of the Most Attractive Fleet and Leasing Markets in Europe

This study provides an analysis of the Turkish fleet and leasing market and covers both the passenger car and light commercial vehicle sectors. The report also provides a detailed breakdown of fleet ownership in each segment covering operational leasing, outright purchase, and financial leasing. The related regulations and drivers and restraints th...

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05 Nov 2015  |  Europe

Selected OEM Highlights of IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

IAA 2015360° Roundup: 54 New Models Launches and 15 Breakthrough Technologies

The research service provides an overview of the key highlights of IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. It focusses on breakthrough technologies and launches of selected OEM's and offers a comparative analysis on OEM strategies.

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04 Nov 2015  |  Europe

Home of the Future

European Consumer Demands for a Connected Lifestyle and Expectations for their Ecosystem

The smart and connected homes market is in a high growth phase at the moment, but it is also riddled with uncertainty about what will happen next in terms of technology, applications, business models, suppliers, and customer demographics. This study takes a detailed look at the expectation and requirements of end customers in Europe by examining at...

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30 Oct 2015  |  Europe

Comparative Analysis of Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers' Powertrain Strategies for Euro 7 Compliance

Focus will be on Particulate Matter Number and On-board Diagnostics

This research service provides a detailed analysis of how European automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to comply with Euro 7 emission reduction standards. It delves into spending needed to create a compact and strong aftertreatment package. A technology road map will provide insight about expected modifications of gasoli...

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28 Oct 2015  |  Europe

Global Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends (GET-IT)—Western Europe Quarter 3, 2015

A Quarterly Pulse of Growth Opportunities

Economic conditions in the Eurozone economy are set to improve in Q4 2015 driven by robust domestic demand, as private consumption is improving. The uncertainty cloud regarding Greece has settled to some extent on agreeing to a tentative bailout agreement to address its debt crisis. Exports are also reviving, prompted by a weaker Euro. Low oil pric...

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