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08 Jan 2021  |  Europe

Enhancing European Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

AI Technologies Offer New Opportunities to Nurture Relationships and Enhance Customer Contact Effectiveness

This study focuses on how AI is making inroads into the customer experience (CX) space. After shifting from on-premises solutions to cloud-based services, the industry is embracing AI and integrating it into various CX-related use cases and solutions. Chatbots, voicebots, behavioral applications, biometrics, cybersecurity, speech recognition, machi...

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06 Jan 2021  |  Europe

Technological Transformation Enabling the Future of London Smart City

Future Growth Potential Through Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (C.A.S.E.) Strategy Driving Growth Opportunities

Rapid urbanization, private vehicle density, outdated infrastructure, and transportation-related emissions are increasingly stressing the urban mobility ecosystem. Cities globally are responding to these changes by developing a more sustainable, seamless, and integrated transportation system. Additionally, cities are focusing on building the necess...

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20 Dec 2020  |  Europe

Rear Wheel Steering Solution Driving the European Adaptive Steering Market

Advancements in Steering Technology and Migration Toward Automated Vehicles to Diminish Demand for Adaptive Front Wheel Steering

While the automotive sector strives toward automated driving, certain segments within the industry are expected to witness a drastic shift in demand, technological development, and deployment. One such segment is steering. While the pace of innovation in automated driving has slowed due to COVID-19, the gradual transition toward the development of ...

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18 Dec 2020  |  Europe

AI-powered Voicebots Turbocharging European Customer Journeys, 2020

Voicebot-enhanced Customer Experiences to Create New Opportunities for European Businesses

The voicebots market is still in its early stages in Europe but is one of the fastest-growing within the field of information and communication technology (ICT). By enhancing customer interactions and customer experience (CX), voicebot offerings seem ready to become one of the most valuable business solutions in the CX space. Latest advances in ar...

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15 Dec 2020  |  Europe

Government Push and Disruptive Technologies Driving Growth of the Global Bike-Sharing Market

Future Growth Potential Enhanced by Integration with Other Mobility Modes to Provide First- and Last-Mile Mobility

Globally, bike-sharing is poised to grow as one of the most attractive forms of sustainable mobility in the future. While the market has been impacted severely by the COVID-19 crisis, it has also been one of the first mobility markets to regain a surge in demand. Bike-sharing has emerged as one of the most convenient, affordable, and safest modes o...

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10 Dec 2020  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of the Electric Vehicle Market in Norway

The Benchmark for EV Adoption

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving in terms of technology and tackling environmental issues. Electric vehicles (EVs) have been introduced as a clean energy initiative as they have low or zero emissions and are becoming an integral part of the OEMs business strategies. Automakers are creating separate EV business units to prepare for the ex...

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09 Dec 2020  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of the EV Market in Netherlands

A Rapidly Growing Market Driven by Europe’s Largest Charging Network and Strong Incentives

The global automotive industry is evolving in terms of technology while tackling environmental issues. It has introduced electric vehicles (EVs) as a clean energy alternative to conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. EVs have low or zero carbon emissions and have become an integral part of automotive OEMs business strategies. Autom...

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08 Dec 2020  |  Europe

Increased Demand for Generic Drugs Fueling the European Chromatography Market, 2026

Rising Need for Characterization Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Sector to Drive New Growth Opportunities

This research service analyzes the European market for chromatography instruments and covers gas, liquid, and ion chromatography technologies/instruments. Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Benelux, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe (ROE) countries are the regions included in the scope of this research. Benelux i...

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02 Dec 2020  |  Europe

Technology and Sustainability to Drive Recovery in the UK Facility Management Market

Growth Opportunities to Prepare Participants for Success After the Pandemic

The facility management (FM) market in the United Kingdom is going through a transformation phase, driven by technology innovation, new business models, emerging value propositions, and creative service offerings. The UK FM market is one of the most developed and mature in the world, with a highly competitive international supply base. With FM serv...

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30 Nov 2020  |  Europe

Investment in Genomics, Advanced Therapies, and Precision Health Offers New Opportunities for the UK MedTech Market

Innovation Culture in the Life Sciences Sector Enables Growth Despite the Short-term Impact of COVID-19 and Brexit

The United Kingdom (UK) medical technology (MedTech) market is experiencing a transformational phase. Although it achieved steady growth up to 2019 and was infused with investments as part of the UK Life Sciences Sector Deal, market and regulatory challenges persist. In this research study, Frost & Sullivan analyzes the UK MedTech market landscape ...

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