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13 Dec 2012  |  Global

Global Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security Market Assessment

Growing Threats Continue to Drive Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security Expenditure

This study will assess global oil and gas infrastructure security market by identifying the key trends and opportunities for suppliers of security systems at various oil and gas infrastructures worldwide. It will identify the ongoing and upcoming projects in the upstream and downstream segment of oil and gas and assess countries with high growth po...

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22 Aug 2012  |  Global

Global Border and Maritime Security Market Assessment

Growing Transnational Threats to Drive Investment in Technological Solutions

The global border and maritime security market has continued to evolve at a rapid pace. The range of threats that states face is increasing, and protection and situational awareness at borders and in territorial waters continues to grow in importance for countries. This market research provides an analysis of the global border and maritime security...

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02 Feb 2012  |  Global

Global Commercial Aviation Cabin Interiors Market Assessment

New aircraft deliveries and retrofit programs to drive the cabin interiors market

This research study, titled 'Global Commercial Aviation Cabin Interiors Market Assessment', discusses in detail the market trends, market drivers and restraints, impact of the drivers and restraints, revenue projections, overview of key market participants, recommendations and conclusions for the global cabin interiors market market. The major segm...

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28 Dec 2011  |  Global

Global Border Control Market Assessment

Interoperability and global standards will drive the Border Control Market

The need for interoperability, global standards and improved security is driving the Global Border Control market. The advent of multimodal biometrics, e-Passports, e-Visas and e-Gates have lead to the adoption of advanced technologies for Border Control purposes. North America and Europe are expected to lead the market in terms of spending during ...

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02 Aug 2011  |  Global

Land-based Optronics Market

Modernisation programmes to drive spending in the land-based optronics market.

The scope of this study encompasses land-based optronics solutions, which comprises solider-based (night vision goggles, helmet-mounted sights, Weapon Mounted Sights, Laser rangefinder and Laser target designator and the like) or vehicle-mounted optronics devices (thermal weapon sight, surveillance cameras and optronics devices for remote weapon sy...

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This research service deals with the potential of avionics market in the commercial aviation segment. The report has been segmented into future and existing aircraft programs. The market potential for existing aircraft programs and future aircraft programs have been analysed in detailed. The top 5 aircraft programs with the highest revenue generati...

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6 Item(s)