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29 Jan 2015  |  Global

The Future of Mobile Robots

In 2020, 26 Million Mobile Robots Will Enable Autonomy in Smart Factories, Unmanned Transportation, and Connected Homes

Technological innovations such as delivery drones, autonomous driverless cars, and smart factories that have robotic co-workers are already having a profound effect on the way industries function. Widespread adoption of advanced mobile technologies and new platforms and systems are expected. Although it is difficult to predict exactly what advances...

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13 Jan 2015  |  Global

Working Capital Management in the Automotive Industry

Lean Manufacturing Systems and Just-in-time Inventory Methods are Key to Achieving Working Capital Efficiency

The study analyzes the importance of working capital in the automotive industry. It looks at recent trends and initiatives taken by companies to streamline working capital needs, and examines the disadvantages of excess or inadequate working capital. Working capital management is analyzed by segment and region for accounts payable and receivable, i...

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12 Jan 2015  |  Global

Strategic Road Map for Multi-axle Vehicles in India

Investments in Mining and Infrastructure to Drive Sales at CAGR of 9% Over FY2014–FY2020 Period

The study provides a comprehensive analysis of the axles market in India—specifically, axles that find applications in multi-axle vehicles which have end usage in heavy goods transportation either as a rigid body or in tractor trailer applications. Increasing investments in the infrastructure segment and increasing industrialization has created a...

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This issue profiles development of a novel version of an autonomous car, a system to reduce traffic congestion, and a self-charging autonomous car.

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