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08 Mar 2017  |  Global

Global Connected Car Market Outlook, 2017

OEMs Plan to Embrace Servicification Model Targeting $50 Billion Aftersales Market While 200 New Start-ups Prepare to Disrupt the Industry with Unique Platform-based Business Models

The 2017 connected car outlook offers a 360-degree perspective of the global connected car market, answering questions such as: Where are the avenues for growth opportunities? What trends are affecting the growth of the market in different regions? It discusses the outlook for technologies such as biometrics, human-machine interface (HMI), vehicle-...

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05 Apr 2017  |  Global

Intelligent Mobility Future Business Models in Connected and Autonomous Mobility

Presentations from Frost & Sullivan’s Interactive Two-day Workshop and Networking Event, 2017

This research study focuses on providing all the presentations from Frost & Sullivan's two-day workshop event held in July 2016 in London, called Intelligent Mobility 3.0, Future of Business Models in Connected and Autonomous Mobility. These include presentations from Frost & Sullivan Europe team and a host of other companies, such as Daimler, Gene...

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06 Apr 2017  |  Global

Start-ups Disrupting the Global Automotive and Mobility Industry, 2016–2017

Over 1,700 Start-ups Focused on Electrification, Mobility, and Connected Car Technologies are Gaining Traction

The study identifies and analyzes various start-ups in the automotive space across various verticals - ranging from connected car technologies to aftermarket solution providers. Start-ups are identified based on their solutions and their globe reach. Frost & Sullivan has examined the evolution of the shortlisted start-ups and their offerings to cus...

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06 Nov 2017  |  Global

North American Heavy Duty Truck Select Chassis Components Market Analysis 2016–2025

Axles, Suspensions, Brakes, and Driveline Components to Grow from $1.57 Billion in 2016 to $2.39 Billion in 2025

The North American Heavy Duty Truck Select Chassis Components Market study covering axles, suspensions, brakes, and driveline components offers an executive overview of the industry with volume and revenue forecast into 2025. It examines key trends in the North American trucking industry that will impact axles, suspensions, brakes, and drivelines. ...

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This Automotive and Transportation TOE highlights advancements and innovations in radar detection, CMOS image sensors, connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, ADAS, cyber threat protection, and parking space detection. The purpose of the Automotive and Transportation (A&T) Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) is to raise awareness of global tech...

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This edition of the Inside R&D TOE profiles innovations in clinical trials, solar receivers, and computer vision. The TOE also emphasizes on developments in the fields of driver assistance systems and cancer treatment. Inside R&D TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers global innovations that are in research and development in virtually all tec...

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26 Dec 2017  |  Global

Executive Analysis of Electric Truck Market, Forecast to 2025

Chinese Thrust to Propel Global Light-medium-heavy Duty Electric Truck Market to More than 2.5 Million Units in Annual Sales by 2025

This study provides an overview of the opportunities in the global medium heavy-duty electric truck market in the period 2016–2025. The study reveals that the Chinese electric truck market will be the global electric medium heavy-duty truck leader and is expected to be dominated by fully electric trucks with 61.1% market share, followed by plug-i...

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This Automotive and Transportation TOE identifies and discusses innovations in unmanned vessels and underwater vehicles, acoustic sensors for underwater navigation, LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles, machine vision technology for ADAS (advanced drive assistance systems), and connected vehicle platforms. The purpose of the Automotive and Trans...

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05 Dec 2017  |  Global

Select Automotive OEM R&D KPIs Analysis, 2011–2016

Around $40 Billion was Spent on R&D by 5 Global Automotive OEMs in 2016

Automotive manufacturers are currently focusing on building fully connected and completely autonomous vehicles, as drivers expect next-generation digital technologies in their cars. As autonomous and connected technologies go hand-in-hand in building efficient self-driving cars, connected car technologies will create a drift in the automotive ecosy...

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01 Dec 2017  |  Global

Global Analysis of Infotainment and HMI Strategy for Mass Market OEMs, 2017

Mass Market OEMs are Offering Value-for-money Solutions to Entice the Consumer

The automotive industry is reliant on the infotainment market, as HMI plays a key role in the interaction between users and the vehicle. Key HMI technologies that dominate the mass market include large touchscreen interfaces with touch gestures, hybrid instrument clusters and connected navigation to name a few. Although availability of advanced HMI...

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