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23 Aug 2012  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Brazilian HMI and Industrial PC Market

 Automation Adoption Creates Market Opportunities

This research service presents an analysis of the human machine interface (HMI) and the industrial personal computer (PC) market in Brazil. Discussed within the study are the forces that shape demand and trends for these technologies. The study presents the main drivers and restraints affecting the adoption of HMI and industrial PC solutions within...

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22 Aug 2012  |  Latin America

2011 Updated Overview of the Peruvian Electricity Industry

Growing Demand Presents Opportunities for Renewable Sources

The Peruvian electricity industry entered a phase of significant internal changes starting in the 1990s. Segments of the industry have evolved into varying degrees of competition. The Peruvian government has embarked on a new strategy to increase the electrification rate in rural areas and also to satisfy a growing electricity demand. This is a goo...

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24 Jul 2012  |  Latin America

Growth Opportunities in the Brazilian Wind Power Market

Maximizing Market Growth Opportunities in the Energy Sector

The Brazilian wind power market has experienced tremendous growth during the last few years as a consequence of increasing government concerns about the need to diversify the national generation base and assure energy security and independence. However, despite all incentives, the Brazilian market still plays a secondary role compared to the global...

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12 Jul 2012  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Electric Drives Market in the Southern Cone Region

Opportunities for Productive Modernization

This research service aims to provide an insight into the Electric Variable Speed Drives market (understood as the combined markets for AC Drives, DC Drives and Servo Drives), with focus on the Southern Cone region, which covers Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. The study discusses the factors driving and restraining the market and presents a...

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12 Jul 2012  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Brazilian Electric Motors Market

The Necessity for Efficiency Creates Market Opportunities

This research service covers the market for electric motors in Brazil. The key focus of the study is high-efficiency motors, but those used in domestic and non-industrial appliances are not included. This research service analyzes market trends, including market challenges, drivers, and restraints. It also provides a forecast for market revenue as ...

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27 Jun 2012  |  Latin America

Healthcare Landscape, Outlook, and Growth Opportunities in Brazil

Where to Place Your Bets by 2015

This research service analyzes the Brazilian healthcare system through the revenue of pharmaceutical and biotechnology drugs, medical devices, medical equipment, clinical diagnostics, and administrative clinical healthcare IT systems. It also delivers an overview of the Brazilian Unified Health System (the SUS) as well as an overview of Brazils ...

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09 Apr 2012  |  Latin America

Revenue Opportunities and Stakeholder Mapping in the Latin American Defence Market

Modernisation Needs to Drive the Defence Market in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru

This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled Revenue Opportunities and Stakeholder Mapping in the Latin American Defence Market provides an overview of key regional trends in defence markets, with particular focus on land vehicles, fixed and rotary wing platforms and naval platforms. It also identifies the key market drivers, restraints and op...

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02 Mar 2012  |  Latin America

Biologics Market in Brazil

Regulations and Patent Expirations Challenge Brazilian Laboratories

This research service considers the biologics market in Brazil. It covers the markets move toward greater regulation and outlines the impact of specific patent expirations. An analysis of monoclonal antibodies, blood factors, insulin, filgrastim, interferon, growth hormones, and erythropoietin is provided. This service also highlights key marke...

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29 Nov 2011  |  Latin America

Brazil Civil Security Market Assessment

Growth Opportunity Across Fragmented Market Segments

The scope of this study encompasses detailed analysis on key threat domains such as airports, borders, large events, critical infrastructure, first responders, mass transport and ports. The study further outlines key stakeholders and decision makers across these market segments and outlines opportunities for technologies and solutions including acc...

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From 2008, new regulatory changes have been ushered into the Brazilian electricity commercialization industry. In response to the increase in free consumers, suppliers and services, participants are preparing for intense competition and jockeying for optimal positioning within the market. From power utility companies diversifying their services por...

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