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08 May 2013  |  North America

2012 United States Commercial Airline Usage

Perspectives of Traveling Consumers

In this customer research service, Frost & Sullivan measures consumer airline usage in order to define segments and profiles of air traveler types. The aim is to understand user knowledge of frequent flyer programs as well as satisfaction rates with current airline programs. The research also explores airport accessibility and the main methods of t...

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16 Oct 2012  |  North America

2012 Physical Security in Financial Services in the United States

The Present and the Future of the Physical Security Technologies in Financial Services

This customer research measures the physical security demand as perceived among facility/security managers within the financial services industry in the United States. A Web-based survey methodology was utilized. The fieldwork was conducted during July of 2012. The sample consisted of managers (n=100) responsible for physical security in financial ...

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16 Mar 2012  |  North America

2011 United States Security in Retail Physical Security Focus

The Present and the Future of the Physical Security Technologies in Retail

This studys research objective was to gauge the usage of physical security technologies within U.S. retail chains with at least five stores. Data was collected in August 2011 using Web-based survey that sampled 179 United States managers. To help minimize threats such as shoplifting and theft, analog video surveillance technologies and access co...

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In October-November 2010, Frost & Sullivan surveyed 2,003 travelers who had flown from one U.S. top-50 airport to another U.S. top-50 airport. Points covered in the following presentation include: - Booking of the trip - Transportation to the departure airport - Checking in at the departure airport - Airport amenities utilized - Getting to t...

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13 May 2010  |  North America

2010 U.S. Consumers Choice of Commercial Airlines


The overall research objective is to measure air travelers commercial airline preferences. Supporting this overall research objective, the research also measures:  Commercial airline awareness  unaided (top-of-mind awareness) versus aided  The ticket purchase process. Specifically:  Source of information  Purchase channel  Important f...

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02 Nov 2009  |  North America

The CEO Perspective on Growth - An Annual CEO Survey


The 2009 Annual CEO Survey on Growth Perspective Study measured what strategies CEOs around the globe use to grow their organizations. Specifically, we investigated the following: 1. CEOs' Growth Objectives 2. CEOs Growth Strategy Assessment Furthermore, this research also measured the use of media as an information source among leading exec...

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30 Jun 2009  |  North America

Very Light Jets Market Assessment- Europe


The research service focusses on the Very Light Jets market in Europe. The research service also focusses on the key manufacturers and their market share. The drivers and restraints have also been discussed in detailed. The forecast has been given in terms of revenue split up and the unit shipment.

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