Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand Motors and Drives Market Outlook, 2017

Energy Management in a Volatile Business Climate to Yield Lasting Benefits for Suppliers as Governments Look to Identify Infrastructure Gaps, Improve

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This outlook study provides an understanding of the motors and drives market in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines) and Australia-New Zealand for 2017. It discusses the current market scenario and expected changes by analyzing the key trends impacting demand and use of motors and drives, including use of smart sensors in motors, setting energy-efficiency norms, and expecting integration problems to persist before results emerge.

Growth in the SEA market for motors and drives in 2016 was slow despite it being relatively insulated from the global downturn. Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia were among the largest markets in the region and indispensable for motors and drives suppliers. Some of the initiatives planned for 2016 and beyond have been completed as planned while a few policies to promote trade and investment in the region were formulated. Being an ongoing activity, formulation and implementation of regulations has been covered in brief. Revenue generated in the motors market was $1,800.0 million in 2016 while the drives market hit $409.4 million.

As a part of this outlook study, Frost & Sullivan identifies the key trends that will impact the motors and drives market in 2017, particularly for oil and gas; power generation; chemicals and petrochemicals; water and wastewater treatment; construction and mining; food and beverage; and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) end users. It takes into account the following:
•     Key elements in the value chain
•     Collaboration between existing and new entities
•     Impact of energy regulations and how stakeholders can benefit

The study also provides information on technology related to the deployment of motors and drives in the region and identifies growth areas. It discusses the value chain and the changes that are likely to take place when new technologies are introduced that will be important for end users (e.g., need for motor control from mobile devices). The study discusses the new technologies (security via encryption; smart sensors) introduced by leading companies (e.g., ABB, Siemens A.G.), and the market share of suppliers of motors and drives. Also, the steps to be taken by suppliers in order to benefit from the developments noticed in the industry are identified as well as the major parameters considered by end users while choosing a supplier.

Key Questions This Study Will Address:
•     What are the main trends and changes expected for each region?
•     What new products and services were launched in 2016?
•     What is the technology outlook for 2017?
•     Where are the growth opportunities for companies and how can they take action?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Highlights of 2016
Top Trends for 2017
Top Predictions for 2017
New Infrastructure Projects
More Integrated Approach while Deploying and Using Motors and Drives
2. Research Scope and Segmentation
Research Scope and Segmentation—Study Period and Countries
Research Scope and Segmentation—End Users
Research Scope and Segmentation—Motors
Research Scope and Segmentation—Drives
Research Aim and Objectives
3. Product Breakdown and Market Analysis
Market Revenue—2016
Market Revenue Forecast—2017
Breakdown by Type, Motors and Drives—2016
Market Leaders of 2016—Motors and Drives
Distribution Channel Trends of 2016
4. Regional Snapshot
Regional Market Growth
Key Regional Market—Emerging Economies
Energy Efficiency Trends
5. End-user Segment by Product Type
Revenue by End-user Application—Motors
Revenue by End-user Application—Drives
Key End-user Industry Trends—2017
Oil and Gas
Power Generation
Chemicals and Petrochemicals
2016 Key Influencers for End Users
6. New Product/Service Launches 2016
New Product/Service Launches 2016
7. Key Trends to Watch—Motors and Drives Market
Trend 1—Use of Smart Sensors in Motors
Trend 2—Setting Energy Efficiency Norms
Trend 3—Integration Problems to Persist before Results Emerge
8. Technology Outlook
Key Technology Trends 2016 and 2017
9. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
TIES Project—5 Major Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 1—Predictive Maintenance
Growth Opportunity 2—Collaboration along the Value Chain
Growth Opportunity 3—IIoT and Big Data
Growth Opportunity 4—Balancing Regulations with Requirements
Growth Opportunity 5—Growing Energy Needs
10. Key Conclusions
Key Conclusions
Legal Disclaimer
11. Appendix
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
Learn More—Next Steps
Additional Sources of Information on Motors and Drives
12. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Total Motors and Drives Market: Top Trends, SEA and ANZ, 2017
2. Motors Market: Revenue by Country, SEA and ANZ, 2016
3. Drives Market: Revenue by Country, SEA and ANZ, 2016
4. Motors Market: Revenue Forecast by Country, SEA and ANZ, 2017
5. Drives Market: Revenue Forecast by Country, SEA and ANZ, 2017
6. Motors Market: Revenue Breakdown by Power Type, SEA and ANZ, 2016
7. Drives Market: Revenue Breakdown by Power Type, SEA and ANZ, 2016
8. Total Motors and Drives Market: Percent Revenue Breakdown, SEA and ANZ, 2016
9. Total Motors and Drives Market: Distribution Channel, SEA and ANZ, 2016
10. Total Motors and Drives Market: Revenue Growth Rate, SEA and ANZ, 2017
11. Motors Market: Revenue by End-user Application, SEA and ANZ, 2016
12. Drives Market: Revenue by End-user Application, SEA and ANZ, 2016
13. Total Motors and Drives Market: Top Trends, SEA and ANZ, 2017
14. Total Motors and Drives Market: Key Influencers, SEA and ANZ, 2016




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