Stem Cells--Emerging Markets and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights)


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A detailed research report on emerging markets and growth opportunities for stem cells

Table of Contents

Stem Cells--Emerging Markets and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryIntroductionIntroductionEmbryonic Vs. Adult Stem CellsKey FindingsInternational DevelopmentsMarket and Applications OverviewResearch MethodologyStem Cells--Emerging Markets and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), IntroductionEmbryonic and Adult Stem CellsIntroductionEmbryonic Stem CellsPolitical Debate Cloning: Therapeutic Vs. ReproductiveAdult Stem CellsPotential Applications for Stem Cell TherapiesGene Therapy/Tissue EngineeringNeurological TherapiesBone and Cartilage; Repair and RegenerationStem Cells--Emerging Markets and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Market AnalysisMarket Forecast and Sectors Affected by Stem Cell TherapeuticsMarket ForecastAlzheimer's; Cancer; Heart DiseaseWounds; Burns; and Skin UlcersSpinal Repair TherapiesTissue EngineeringBone Implants and Cartilage RegenerationOrgan TransplantationBreast Cancer TherapiesDiabetes TherapiesNew Heart Attack TherapeuticsNew Products Will Face CompetitionGene TherapyInternational EffortsMarket Drivers and OpportunitiesR&D FundingGovernment Funding/Population Issues/PartnershipsStem Cells--Emerging Markets and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Market and Technology Challenges and BarriersIntroductionIntroductionCulture DifficultiesKey Challenges and BarriersKey RestrictionsThe Stem Cell Debates: Political and BiologicalQuality ControlOther ChallengesStem Cells--Emerging Markets and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Stem Cell TechnologiesInternational EffortsScotland: Stem Cell Osteoblasts Could Help OsteoporosisGermany: Patient's Own Stem Cells Restore Damaged Heart MuscleJapan: Artificial Eyeballs and Other ResearchCanada: So Simple? Stem Cells Regenerate Injured Mouse PancreasIsrael: Human Heart Tissue Generated from Embryonic Stem CellsKorea: Human Embryo ClonedChina: Stem Cells from Human-Rabbit Hybrid EmbryoSweden Funds Stem Cell ResearchUK: International Human Stem Cell Project India/SwitzerlandGrowing; Storing; and Analyzing Stem CellsRare Adult Stem Cells As Multipotent As Embryonic?Adult Stem Cells Might Not Trans-Differentiate after AllBut Then Again…Serum-Free; Mouse-Cell Free Culture SystemAnother Serum-Free; Mouse-Cell Free Culture SystemPrivate Funds Yield New Embryonic LinesHuman ESCs Stable in Culture over Long TimeEmbryonic Skin Cells Committed at an Early AgeBlood Cells from ESCs May Protect against Transplant RejectionStem Cell-Specific Genes AnalyzedStem-Cell Factor and Flt3-Ligand for Stem Cell GrowthOne-Cell Genetics Lab-On-ChipCytometry Probes Effect of HIV on Stem CellsNew Freezing Method Keeps Stem Cells ViableScaffolds for Tissue EngineeringTemperature-Sensitive Hydrogel for Joint RepairFibrin/Polymer Matrix Slows Growth Factor DissipationBiorubber Makes Good Scaffold for Stem Cell GrowthA Collagen BandageMolecule Mimics Tissue Nanostructure for ScaffoldsStem Cells + Scaffold + Growth Factors = New TissuesTissue Repair and RegenerationNeurological TherapiesCardiovascular TherapiesBone and CartilageDiabetesCancerMiscellaneousDedifferentiationRegeneration by Dedifferentiation: No Stem Cells Needed?More Dedifferentiation: Chemical Turns Muscle Cells back into Stem CellsEngineering Whole TissuesFunctioning Liver Tissue Grown in a BioreactorTissue-Engineered Joint from Stem CellsTissues Derived from Nuclear Transplantation Avoid Immune RejectionEngineered Tissue Goes ChompCAD/CAM Meets Bioassembly of Live TissueEx Vivo Gene TherapyStem Cell Gene Therapy for Blood DisordersGene Therapy Corrects Blistering Skin Disorder in MiceTelomerase Gene Extends Lifespan of Adult Marrow Stem CellsMesenchymal Stem Cells Target TumorsRNA Interference Tunes Gene Activity in Stem CellsCells of Knockout Pigs Acceptable to Human Immune SystemAdult Stem Cells As Natural Gene TherapyStem Cells--Emerging Markets and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Patents and Contact DetailsPatentsPatents - IPatents - IIPatents - IIIPatents - IVContact DetailsContact DetailsStem Cells--Emerging Markets and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2004 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology Innovation AwardAwards DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Leadership AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientStem Cells--Emerging Markets and Growth Opportunities (Technical Insights), Decision Support TablesPrevalence of Arthritis (Millions)Worldwide Prevalence of Arthritis by Country (Millions)Cardiovascular Prevalence as Percentage of Total PopulationCardiovascular Prevalence Per Country as Percentage of Total PopulationCardiovascular Prevalence (Millions)Cardiovascular Disease Prevalence Per Country(Millions)Number of Heart TransplantsNumber of Heart Transplants Per CountryNumber of Kidney TransplantsNumber of Kidney Transplants Per Country




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