Stratecast Predictions 2016: The Year Ahead


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In this year’s look forward, Stratecast provides several views voiced by our analyst teams of likely developments in the multiple dimensions of the communications marketplace, including those tied to: Big Data, business services, cloud, connected home, consumer services, the operations & monetization functions, and secure networking. These prognostications are what form this, our 2016 Predictions report. The complex interactions between what customers want, what technology can presently support, what business is willing to deliver, and what regulation will allow, all combine to make the prediction process more of an art than a science.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What Will 2016 Bring For
Small Business?
Large Business and Enterprise?
Comms. Industry?
2. 2016 Predictions at a Glance
3. 2016 Predictions in Detail
Big Data and Analytics Predictions
The Internet of Things (IoT) Comes Into Focus
Analytic Algorithms Find New Applications
Real-time Meets Analytics
Business Communication Services Predictions
Carrier Investments in NFV- and SDN-based Services Will Accelerate
Enterprise Demand for Self-Service Tools Will Continue As Hybrid WANs Gain Traction
SD-WAN Solutions Will Drive Faster Enterprise Hybrid WAN Deployments
Cloud Services Predictions
Businesses Turn to Third-Party Service Providers for Help Managing their Cloud Workloads
Platform as a Service (PaaS) Gains Strength Among Enterprises, as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Loses Some Luster
Hybrid Cloud Management Platforms Will Rely on Service-Specific Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Connected Home & Consumer Communication Predictions
The Connected Home Single Pane of Glass Becomes a Reality
Home Networking Using Wi-Fi Becomes the de Facto Standard
Broadband Regulation Continues to be the Primary Telecom Issue in the United States Market
Carriers Begin Migrating Their Service Offerings to Broadband Delivery
Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics and Monetization (ODAM) Predictions
Cloud-Based Monetization Solution Strategies Become Reality
Purpose-Built Data Analytics is the Key To All Operations & Monetization Disciplines
Unified Assurance and Intelligent Operations
NFV Gets a New Information Model
Secure Networking Predictions
Dedicated Bot Management Solutions Will Emerge
The Future of Enterprise Security Architectures will be Integrated Systems
New Network Security Forensics Products will Hit the Market in 2016
A new Approach to Network Security will Emerge, Moving the Focus from Detection of the Malicious to Validation of the “Known Good.”
4. About Stratecast
5. About Frost & Sullivan

List of Figures & Charts

1. What Will 2016 Bring For
2. 2016 Predictions at a Glance

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