Strategic Analysis of Global City Truck Market

City Truck Sales to Account for 59% of Global LCV Market by 2020

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City trucks are a new class of ultra-light truck that broadly includes panel vans and dump trucks registering a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of less than or equal to 3.5T. This research aims to understand the global city truck market, explore current market dynamics, determine market share by OEMs, and forecast future market growth for key regions. It identifies key parameters that define current and future vehicles and analyzes the evolution and penetration of technologies entering the city truck models. The research aims to provide various top-level and deep dive comparative analyses by slicing and dicing the market, participants, models, and regional strategies. The study period is 2013–2020 with a b

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryKey FindingsFuture Technologies Shaping the City Truck Market Executive Summary—Mega Trends Driving the Future of City TrucksExecutive Summary—Top Transformational Shifts Expected to Shape the Future of City Trucks (2014 to 2020)Executive Summary—Customer Bases with High Potential for GrowthPowertrain Strategy of Global OEMs 2013Executive Summary—Growth and Development of City Truck MarketGlobal OEM Performance 2013Executive Summary—Regional Market Differentiation Executive Summary—OEMs City Truck StrategiesExecutive Summary—Key Design Tenets of City TrucksTechnology Focus of OEMs Executive Summary—2020 Virtual City Truck - Exterior: GlobalExecutive Summary—2020 Virtual City Truck - Interior: GlobalExecutive Summary—City Truck Impact on OEMs and SuppliersKey Conclusions and Future OutlookResearch Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch Scope Research Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions This Study Will AnswerResearch BackgroundResearch MethodologyKey Industry Participants Compared in this Study Definitions and Segmentation City Truck Definition and Vehicle SegmentationMarket SegmentationDefinition of City Truck CategoriesCity Trucks—A Need for Urban LogisticsDefining Urban Logistics—The Urban Logistics Supply ChainImpact of Mega Trends on CV Market—City Truck as a SolutionFuel Efficiency and Emission Reduction Target—EU OEMsEmission and Fuel Efficiency Targets in Key RegionsCity Trucks in 2020—Impact of Urban Logistics Tesco Case Study—New Business Model Spurs Demand for City TrucksMarket Forecasts—Global and Regional AnalysisGlobal City Truck Sales Forecast by Region—GVWR RatingGlobal City Truck Sales Forecast by Region—Body TypeGlobal City Truck Sales Forecast by Region—PowertrainMarket Share Analysis of 5 Key Regions (Western Europe, North America, China, India, APAC)City Trucks vs LCVs—Global OEM PerformanceCity Trucks Regional Sales—Global OEM Performance Western European City Truck Market—Market Share AnalysisWestern European Large City Truck Market—Market Share Analysis North American City Truck Market—Market Share Analysis North American Large City Truck Market—Market Share Analysis Indian City Truck Market—Market Share Analysis Chinese City Truck Market—Market Share Analysis APAC City Truck Market—Market Share AnalysisCurrent and Future City Truck Attributes—Comparative AnalysisKey Current and Future City Truck Attributes—Regional and OEM Analysis Comparative Analysis—City Truck Regional Attribute SnapshotComparative Analysis—City Truck Regional Attribute Snapshot (continued)Current Key Features in City Trucks—TRIAD Region OEMsCurrent Key Features in City Trucks—Emerging Regions OEMsGlobal City Truck—GVWR ComparisonComparative Analysis—Engine Volume vs. GVWRComparative Analysis—Payload vs. Engine Power City Truck Powertrain TrendDrivetrain and Transmission Trend City Truck Buying Criteria 2020—TRIAD vs. Emerging MarketsCurrent and Future City Truck Attributes—TechnologyKey Current & Future City Truck Attributes—Technology Analysis Technology Focus of OEMsFuel Efficiency Improvement Technology vs. Payback Time Fuel Economy Improvement—Engine SystemFuel Economy Improvement—Drivetrain, ITS, and Vehicle SystemEmission Reduction Potential vs. Cost ImpacteCity Truck Usage Pattern—Key VocationsDesirable Specifications for eCity Truck 2020Global City Truck Safety Systems Adoption Hot SpotsCity Truck Telematics—Key Market TrendsFleet Management Solutions (FMS) Service Road Map for City TrucksGlobal City Truck Platforms—Comparative Analysis by RegionCity Trucks—Key Global OEMsCity Truck—Product Roadmap of European & North American OEMsEurope—Case Study of Platform Sharing & Badge EngineeringSuccessful City Truck—North American OEMSuccessful City Truck—European OEMCity Truck—Product Roadmap of Chinese, Indian, & Russian OEMsSuccessful City Truck—Indian OEMSuccessful City Truck—Chinese OEMCity Truck—Product Roadmap of Japanese & Korean OEMsSuccessful City Truck—Korean OEMSuccessful City Truck—Japanese OEMVision of City Trucks in 2020Vision of City Trucks in 2020—GlobalVision of City Trucks in 2020—North AmericaVision of City Trucks in 2020—EuropeVision of City Trucks in 2020—Latin AmericaVision of City Trucks in 2020—IndiaVision of City Trucks in 2020—ChinaVision of City Trucks in 2020—APAC (excluding China and India)Comparative Analysis of Global City Truck OEMs by Platforms and ModelsGlobal Appeal Identification—OEMs and Models Global Appeal Identification—OEMs and Models (continued)Global Appeal Identification—OEMs and Models (continued)Global Appeal Identification—OEMs and Models (continued)Global Appeal Identification—OEMs and Models (continued)Key Conclusions and RecommendationsKey Conclusions and Future OutlookThe Last Word—3 Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixTable of Acronyms UsedRelated ResearchRelated Research (continued)Market Engineering Methodology

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