Strategic Analysis of the European and North American Rail Infotainment Market

Need for Onboard Wi-Fi will Drive the Market for Rail Infotainment

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The focus of this research service is to strategically analyze the European and North American rail infotainment market. Key market drivers, restraints, and trends are covered, while recent developments in the market are also discussed. The study explains the penetration forecast for Wi-Fi internet and the current scenario of seat-back displays onboard trains. It also examines the impact of mega trends on the market and analyzes the technology roadmap. This research service also provides key conclusions and recommendations, based on the present value chain dynamics.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive Summary—Key FindingsOverview of OfferingsOverview of Onboard InfotainmentValue Chain of Onboard Wi-Fi InternetBusiness Ownership Aspects of Onboard Wi-FiCommunication Technologies For Rail ConnectivityApplications Based on Internet ConnectivityCustomer Service RoadmapCommunication Technologies and Industry RequirementsMarket Scenario—EuropeMarket Scenario—Europe (continued)Market Scenario—Europe (continued)Rolling Stocks with Wi-Fi Internet in EuropeMarket Scenario—North AmericaMarket Scenario—North America (continued)Market Scenario—North America (continued)Rolling Stocks with Wi-Fi Internet in North AmericaRail Infotainment Market—Revenue AnalysisResearch Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions this Study Will AnswerResearch MethodologyDefinitions and SegmentationRail Infotainment Market SegmentationTypes of Trains—DefinitionsProduct/Technology/Application/Services DefinitionsProduct/Technology/Application/Services Definitions (continued)Mega Trends and Industry Convergence ImplicationsImpact of Top Mega Trends on the Rail Infotainment MarketUrbanization—Evolution of Mega CitiesUrbanization—Smart CitiesTechnology—In-Station InfotainmentTechnology—Virtual Super Market Infrastructure—High Speed Rail Projects and OpportunitiesExternal Challenges: Drivers and Restraints—Total Rail Infotainment MarketDrivers and RestraintsRail Infotainment Market DriversDrivers ExplainedRail Infotainment Market RestraintsRestraints ExplainedMarket Overview—Onboard Wi-Fi Technology Roadmap—Onboard Wi-FiChallenges—Onboard Wi-FiMotivation for Wi-Fi Deployment Across Value ChainBenefits of Internet Connectivity in TrainsOnboard Wi-Fi Value ChainRail Operators’ Present ICT Buying PatternsTransition in ICT Adoption Strategies Onboard TrainsKey Aspects of Implementing Communication in TrainsVIA Rail Wi-Fi Implementation—Case StudyVIA Rail Wi-Fi Implementation—Case Study (continued)Architecture for Internet on TrainsArchitecture for Internet Between Rolling StocksTechnologies at Various Levels for Internet ConnectivitySatellite Connectivity for Onboard Wi-FiSatellite Solutions—Hybrid Satellite/Cellular Solutions ArchitectureSatellite Solutions—Two-way Satellite Solutions ArchitectureApplications for Rail CommunicationApplications for Rail Communication (continued)Cost Aspects of Onboard Wi-FiMarket Measurements—Onboard Wi-FiEuropean Rail Infotainment Market—Rolling Stock Installed With Wi-Fi Scenario AnalysisNorth American Rail Infotainment Market—Rolling Stock Installed With Wi-Fi Scenario AnalysisForecast Scenario Assumptions to 2021Onboard Wi-Fi Penetration—EuropeOnboard Wi-Fi Penetration—North AmericaOnboard Wi-Fi Penetration by Type of Train—Europe Onboard Wi-Fi Penetration by Type of Train—North America Onboard Wi-Fi Penetration by Country—EuropePricing Model by Train Operators for Onboard Wi-Fi—EuropeMarket Share of Wi-Fi Enablers—EuropeCase Study of an European Rail OperatorCase Study of an European Rail Operator (continued)Onboard Wi-Fi Penetration by Country—North AmericaPricing Model by Train Operators for Onboard Wi-Fi—North AmericaMarket Share of Wi-Fi Enablers—North AmericaCase Study of a North American Rail OperatorCase Study of a North American Rail Operator (continued)Market Forecast by Country—EuropeThe United Kingdom—Country ProfileThe United Kingdom—Market Penetration ForecastFrance—Country ProfileFrance—Market Penetration ForecastGermany—Country ProfileGermany—Market Penetration ForecastItaly—Country ProfileItaly—Market Penetration ForecastSpain—Country ProfileSpain—Market Penetration ForecastSweden—Country ProfileSweden—Market Penetration ForecastNorway—Country ProfileNorway—Market Penetration ForecastDenmark—Country ProfileDenmark—Market Penetration ForecastThe Netherlands—Country ProfileThe Netherlands—Market Penetration ForecastIreland—Country ProfileIreland—Market Penetration ForecastMarket Forecast by Country—North AmericaThe United States—Country ProfileThe United States—Market Penetration ForecastCanada—Country ProfileCanada—Market Penetration ForecastSeat-back DisplayCase Study—Adoption of Seat-back DisplayCase Study—Adoption of Seat-back Display (continued)Technology Roadmap—Seat-back DisplaysSeat-back isplay—enetrationSeat-back Display—SWOT AnalysisSupplier Analysis and ProfilesBenchmark Analysis—Suppliers for Onboard Wi-Fi ConnectivityNomad Digital—Company OverviewNomad Digital—Clients and MarketsNomad Digital—Products and SolutionsIcomera—Company OverviewIcomera—Clients and MarketsIcomera—Products and SolutionsNokia Siemens Networks—Company OverviewNokia Siemens Networks—Clients and MarketsNokia Siemens Networks—Products and Solutions21Net—Company Overview21Net—Clients and Markets21Net—Products and SolutionsEutelsat—Company OverviewEutelsat—Clients and MarketsEutelsat—Products and SolutionsConclusionKey Conclusions and Future OutlookThe Last Word—Three Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixTable of Acronyms UsedLearn More—Next StepsRelevant ResearchMarket Engineering Methodology

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