Strategic Analysis of The U.S. Prebiotics Market

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The report covers all the aspects of U.S Prebiotics market. It covers the factors that are driving the growth of the market, the restraints that curb the growth of the market and the challenges that the industry is facing.The report also illustrates the revenue forecasts, market opportunities and latest trends that are prevalent in the market.It also provides strategic recommendations.

Table of Contents

Strategic Analysis of The U.S. Prebiotics Market, Executive Summary OverviewIntroduction Technology TrendsMarket Research FindingsMarket OverviewMarket Trends and AnalysisFuture OpportunitiesGlossary and AbbreviationsGlossary of TermsList of AbbreviationsAnalysis of the U.S. Prebiotics MarketMarket OverviewMarket DriversMarket RestraintsMarket ChallengesMarket Engineering AnalysisCompetitive EnvironmentMarket Participants and Product LinesCompetitive StructureCompetitive Market ShareCompetitive FactorsNotable Mergers; Acquisitions; and AlliancesForecasts and TrendsRevenue ForecastsMarket EntryFactors Affecting Market EntryStrategic Analysis of The U.S. Prebiotics Market, Analysis of Prebiotics ProductsTypes of PrebioticsInulinFOSResistant starchLactuloseSoy oligosaccharidesXylooligosaccharidesLactitolLactosucrose Technology TrendsThe Role of Fiber in Gut HealthBenefits of PrebioticsSecond Generation PrebioticsManufacturing TechnologiesPrebiotics in the Formulation of Low Glycemic Index FoodsCurrent Research and Developments in the Field of PrebioticsPricing and Distribution TrendsPricing and Distribution TrendsProduct Life Cycle AnalysisStrategic Analysis of The U.S. Prebiotics Market, Analysis of ApplicationsEnd-Users AnalysisTargeted End UsersEnd-Users TrendsInsights into the ConsumersProduts That Are Currently Incorporating PrebioticsNutrition and Meal Replacement BarsDietary SupplementsDairy foodsPremixesFunctional BeveragesEnteral Nutrition ProductsProducts With Strong PotentialsWaterSugarFruit ProductsStrategic Analysis of The U.S. Prebiotics Market, Strategic Conclusions and RecommendationsConclusionsStrong Potential AheadModerate Level of Threat from New Entrants AnticipatedMass Market Lagging BehindPrebiotics Viewed as Better Alternatives Over Probiotics in Enhancing Gut HealthPioneers May Not Necessarily Be the Leaders in the Long RunThe U.S. Market is Only A Small Fraction of the Global Prebiotic ScenarioDifferentiation RulesSuccess FactorsRecommendationsRecommendations for Minimizing The Threat of New EntrantsRecommendations for Minimizing The Threat of SubstitutesRecommendations for Minimizing the Influence of Buyers; Supplier; and CompetitorsRecommendations for Marketing PrebioticsAdditional RecommendationsStrategic Analysis of The U.S. Prebiotics Market, Frost and Sullivan 2004 AwardsCustomer Service Leadership Award Award DescriptionAward RecipientMarketing Strategy Leadership AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientProduct Innovation AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientStrategic Analysis of The U.S. Prebiotics Market, AppendixDecision Support Database (DSD) TablesPrevalence of Obese Population of 15+ AgePrevalence of DiabetesIncidence of Colorectal CancerRatio of OTC Pharmaceuticals to Total Pharmaceuticals MarketPer Capita Healthcare Expenditure

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