Strategic Insight into the Global Women’s Healthcare Market, 2017

Opportunities in Point-of-care (POC) Diagnostics for Cardiology and Oncology, along with Wearables, Stand out in the Market

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Across the world, women typically live longer than men. The reason behind the difference between male and female life expectancy is unclear but could be explained through biological, environmental, and behavioral factors. Because women typically outlive men, they are more likely to suffer from ill health and other age-related diseases. Women’s healthcare, especially in underdeveloped regions, remains largely confined to reproductive matters, particularly maternal health. Attention to other significant women’s health issues, such as oncology, reproductive health, and urology, is growing rapidly. Overall, advancements in women’s health diagnostic products are intense, and diagnostic technologies have been s

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Strategic Insight into the Global Women’s Healthcare Market, 2017Women’s Healthcare Care PathwaysStrategic Insight

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