Strategic Outlook of Select Sub-Saharan Commercial Vehicle Market

Africa to Offer Level Playing Opportunity for Global Industry Participants

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The Sub-Saharan African commercial vehicles study gives a strategic overview of the commercial vehicles market in twelve Sub-Saharan African countries. Due to the limited availability of raw materials and vehicle components, the commercial vehicles market has experienced years of decline in vehicle production. The emergence of low-cost vehicles from Asian manufacturers has exacerbated this situation. Currently, most commercial vehicles are imported either from Europe or Asia. China, Japan, and South Korea are playing leading roles in exporting low-cost commercial vehicles to Africa. Most African governments have responded by providing tax incentives to encourage the local assembly of commercial vehicles in thei

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive Summary—Key Findings for Truck MarketExecutive Summary—Key Findings for Bus MarketExecutive Summary—Market Engineering MeasurementsExecutive SummaryMarket OverviewExecutive Summary—Regional Integration Mega TrendExecutive Summary—Outlook of Commercial Vehicles Value ChainExecutive Summary—Market Share by Country of Manufacturing OriginExecutive Summary—Historical Vehicle Sales Snapshot Executive Summary—South Africa Historical Vehicle Sales SnapshotExecutive Summary—Unit Sales and Economic Growth ForecastExecutive Summary—Total Vehicle Sales ForecastExecutive Summary—Truck Market Unit SnapshotExecutive Summary—Vehicle Sales Growth SnapshotExecutive Summary—Key OEMs by Segment SnapshotExecutive Summary—Vehicle Sales by Region SnapshotExecutive Summary—Best Selling LD and MD Trucks SnapshotExecutive Summary—Best Selling HD and Extra HD Trucks SnapshotExecutive Summary—Best Selling MD and HD Buses Snapshot Executive Summary—Competitive Benchmarking by SegmentsResearch Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions this Study Will AnswerResearch BackgroundResearch MethodologyDefinitions and SegmentationKey Industry ParticipantsVehicle DefinitionsMarket OverviewMarket Overview—Outlook of Value ChainSafety and Fuel Efficiency Regulations Sub-Saharan AfricaMega Trends in Sub-Saharan AfricaDefinition of a Mega TrendTop Mega Trends in Southern AfricaSummary of Top Mega TrendsTop Mega Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa—UrbanisationTop Mega Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa—Regional IntegrationTop Mega Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa—New Business ModelsTop Mega Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa—Future Infrastructure Top Mega Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa— From Macro to Micro External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints—Total Commercial Vehicles MarketMarket Drivers and RestraintsMarket DriversMarket Drivers ExplainedMarket Drivers Explained (continued)Market RestraintsMarket Restraints ExplainedMarket Restraints Explained (continued)Forecast and Trends—Total Commercial Vehicles MarketMarket Engineering MeasurementsCommercial Vehicles Market —Historical Vehicle Sales Commercial Vehicles Market—Unit Sales and Economic Growth Commercial Vehicles Market—Vehicle Sales ForecastForecast Assumptions to 2020Commercial Vehicles Market—Overview of Assembly PlantsCommercial Vehicles Market—Vehicle Sales by RegionCommercial Vehicles Market—Per cent Vehicle Sales by BreakdownCommercial Vehicles Market—Overview of LD and MD Trucks by OEM Commercial Vehicles Market—Overview of HD Trucks and Buses by OEMBest Selling LD Trucks in Sub-Saharan AfricaBest Selling LD Trucks in Sub-Saharan Africa (continued)Best Selling MD Trucks in Sub-Saharan Africa Best Selling HD Trucks in Sub-Saharan Africa Best Selling Extra HD Trucks in Sub-Saharan Africa Best Selling MD Buses in Sub-Saharan Africa Best Selling HD Buses in Sub-Saharan Africa South Africa’s Commercial Vehicles MarketSouth Africa BreakdownSouth Africa—Commercial Vehicles Market Overview South Africa—Market Engineering MeasurementsSouth Africa—Unit Sales and Economic GrowthSouth Africa—Vehicle Sales ForecastSouth Africa—Key OEMs by Vehicle CategorySouth Africa—SWOT Analysis Zambia’s Commercial Vehicles MarketZambia Breakdown Zambia—Commercial Vehicles Market Overview Zambia—Market Engineering MeasurementsZambia—Unit Sales and Economic GrowthZambia—Vehicle Sales ForecastZambia—Key OEMs by Vehicle Category Zambia—SWOT AnalysisZimbabwe’s Commercial Vehicles MarketZimbabwe Breakdown Zimbabwe—Commercial Vehicles Market Overview Zimbabwe—Market Engineering MeasurementsZimbabwe—Unit Sales and Economic GrowthZimbabwe—Vehicle Sales Forecast Zimbabwe—Key OEMs by Vehicle CategoryZimbabwe—SWOT Analysis Botswana’s Commercial Vehicles MarketBotswana BreakdownBotswana—Commercial Vehicles Market OverviewBotswana—Market Engineering MeasurementsBotswana—Unit Sales and Economic GrowthBotswana—Vehicles Sales ForecastBotswana—Key OEMs by Vehicle CategoryBotswana—SWOT Analysis Namibia’s Commercial Vehicles MarketNamibia Breakdown Namibia—Commercial Vehicles Market Overview Namibia—Market Engineering MeasurementsNamibia—Unit Sales and Economic GrowthNamibia—Vehicle Sales ForecastNamibia—Key OEMs by Vehicle CategoryNamibia—SWOT Analysis Angola’s Commercial Vehicles MarketAngola Breakdown Angola—Commercial Vehicles MarketAngola—Market Engineering MeasurementsAngola—Unit Sales and Economic Growth Angola—Vehicle Sales ForecastAngola—Key OEMs by Vehicle CategoryAngola—SWOT AnalysisMozambique’s Commercial Vehicles MarketMozambique BreakdownMozambique—Commercial Vehicles Market OverviewMozambique—Market Engineering MeasurementsMozambique—Unit Sales and Economic GrowthMozambique—Vehicle Sales ForecastMozambique—Key OEMs by Vehicle CategoryMozambique—SWOT AnalysisKenya’s Commercial Vehicles MarketKenya BreakdownKenya—Commercial Vehicles Market OverviewKenya—Market Engineering MeasurementsKenya—Unit Sales and Economic GrowthKenya—Vehicle Sales ForecastKenya—Key OEMs by Vehicle Category.Kenya—SWOT Analysis Tanzania’s Commercial Vehicles MarketTanzania Breakdown Tanzania—Commercial Vehicles Market Overview Tanzania—Market Engineering MeasurementsTanzania—Unit Sales and Economic Growth Tanzania—Vehicle Sales ForecastTanzania—Key OEMs by Vehicle CategoryTanzania—SWOT AnalysisUganda’s Commercial Vehicles MarketUganda BreakdownUganda—Commercial Vehicles Market Overview Uganda—Market Engineering MeasurementsUganda—Unit Sales and Economic GrowthUganda—Vehicle Sales ForecastUganda—Key OEMs by Vehicle CategoryUganda—SWOT AnalysisNigeria’s Commercial Vehicles MarketNigeria BreakdownNigeria—Commercial Vehicles Market OverviewNigeria—Market Engineering MeasurementsNigeria—Unit Sales and Economic GrowthNigeria—Vehicle Sales Forecast Nigeria—Key OEMs by Vehicle CategoryNigeria—SWOT Analysis Ghana’s Commercial Vehicles MarketGhana BreakdownGhana—Commercial Vehicles Market Overview Ghana—Market Engineering MeasurementsGhana—Unit Sales and Economic GrowthGhana—Vehicle Sales Forecast Ghana—Key OEMs by Vehicle CategoryGhana—SWOT AnalysisConclusions and Future OutlookKey Conclusions and Future Outlook for TrucksKey Conclusions and Future Outlook for BusesStrategic ConclusionsThe Last Word—Three Big PredictionsLegal Disclaimer

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