Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry


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  • Release Date : 19-Mar-2001
  • Region : Europe
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Table of Contents

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Executive Summary


Challenges Facing the Industry

Competitive Market Analysis

The Development of Competition
The Future of Competition

Market Prospects

Capital Expenditure
Market Revenues and Indicators

Customer Requirements

Decision-Driving Factors
Attitudes to Competition

Suppliers' Strategies and Conclusions

Water Company Strategies

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Industry Structure

Water Industry History & Structure

Definitions and Overview
The Companies
The Regulators
The Periodic Review
The Draft Water Bill

Market Indicators

Market Measurements
Capital Investment Trends
Trends by Customer Type
Consumption and Leakage

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Industry Challenges

Challenges Facing the UK Water Industry

Identification of Challenges
Time Frame Analysis of Challenges

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Competitive Analysis

Current Competitive Structure of the UK Water Industry

Competitive Structure
Market Share Analysis
The Competition Act 1998

The Development of Competition

Drivers and Restraints of Competition
Achievement of Competition to Date
Inset Appointments
Common Carriage
Water Trading
Competition in the Domestic Market

The Future of Competition

Supplier Perceptions of Common Carriage
Supplier Perceptions of Inset Appointments
Supplier Perceptions of Abstraction Licenses
Supplier Perceptions of Greenfield Development

Supplier Perceptions of Customer Requirements

Suppliers' Ratings of Service Factors
Industrial Customers' Requirements
Domestic Customers' Requirements

Supplier Preparations for Competition

Implementation of Competitive Services
Implementation of Proactive Strategies

The Future of Regulation

Supplier Opinions of Economic Regulation
Supplier Opinions of Environmental Regulation
Supplier Opinions of Government's Role

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Pricing Analysis

Introduction and Historic Trends

The Tariff Basket and Large User Tariffs

Prices 2000 to 2005

The Pricing Review
Cost-Reflectve Pricing and Tariff Restructuring

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Market Forecasts and Opportunity Analysis

Market Revenue Forecasts

Analysis of the Total Market
Analysis of the Water Services Market
Analysis of the Wastewater Services Market

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Customer Analysis

Summary of Customer Analysis

Introduction & Overview
Analysis by Customer Sector
Customer Awareness of Suppliers

Perceptions of Current Suppliers

Current Satisfaction Levels
Rating of Satisfaction with Specific Service Factors
Rating of Satisfaction with Price
Rating of Satisfaction with Customer Service
Rating of Satisfaction with Water Quality
Rating of Satisfaction with Security of Supply
Rating of Satisfaction with Added Services
Strengths & Weaknesses of Current Suppliers

Attitudes to Competition

Multiple Site Opportunities
Attitudes to New Entrants

Service Requirements

Ratings of Importance of Specific Service Factors
Customer Service
Account Management
Security of Supply
Water Quality

Corporate Requirements

Ratings of Importance of Supplier Offerings
Brand Name
Service Range
Environmental Credentials
Industry Experience
Multi-Utility Offerings
Quality of Service

Cost and Price Requirements

Price Levels to Stimulate Change
Expected Improvements from Competition

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Analysis of Corporate Strategies

Current Market Strategies

International Expansion
Multi-Utility Offerings
Non-Core Activities
Wait and See Strategies
Competitive Pricing and Tailored Tariffs
Cost Management
Additional Services
Dedicated Competitive Subsidiaries/Departments

Future Market Strategies

Divorce of Ownership from Operation
Seeking Alternative Funding
Mergers and Acquisitions
De-Integration of Water Companies
Loyalty Building

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Market Engineering Planning and Monitoring

Market Engineering Planning

Key Elements of Market Planning

Market Engineering Monitoring

Key Elements of Market Monitoring

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, List of Interviewees

List of Interviewees

List of Interviewees

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Database of Key Industry Participants

Market Participants

Water and Sewerage Companies
Water Only Companies

Strategic Review of the UK Water Industry, Market Engineering Awards

Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Awards 2001

Market Engineering Awards in the UK Water Industry

ME Award for Business Development Strategy

Award Introduction
Award Recipient

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