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Sustainability of natural resources is intertwined in many of the concerns and issues threatening the planet Earth, which are interrelated. Hence, technologies enabling sustainable resources also offer overlapping solutions for the Earth’s overall environmental sustainability. This Future Tech TOE outlines the challenges, key trends, major application sectors and enabling technologies in sustaining natural resources. The sustainability of Earth’s natural resources is threatened mainly because of the ever increasing demand for them and careless or improper use of them. Technological innovations are required to enable sustainable use of soil/land, water, energy, air, forest and wildlife, and materials and min

Table of Contents

Sustainable Resources for the Future - Future Tech TOEIntroductionInterrelated Environmental and Sustainability Concerns Threatening the EarthSolutions for Environmental and Sustainability ChallengesSolutions for Environmental and Sustainability Challenges (continued)Technologies Enabling Sustainable Resources for the FutureIndustry LandscapeHesitation and non-acceptance by end users may persist even when technical challenges have been overcome.Closed-loop technologies are trending towards a “positive” economy, complex all-encompassing solutions, and localized and multi-functional integrated systems.Technologies sustaining resources for the future span across multiple industries, but the most significant applications concern the food-energy-water nexus.Innovators & ImpactTechnologies enabling wastewater treatment or water purification at lower to negative energy consumption are the most prominent.The most impactful technologies will be those that address the food, energy, and water nexus.Biomimicry increases the sustainability of energy and materials required to produce resources such as water, energy and food.Air purification and greenhouse gas capture can be simultaneously achieved.Waste upcycling enables not only reuse of materials but also conserves water and energy.The types of materials that can be upcycled are endless, which opens up a myriad of possible applications.Analyst InsightsHigh population growth markets present the highest opportunities for technologies enabling sustainable resources for the future.AppendixKey Patents for Technologies Sustaining ResourcesKey Patents for Technologies Sustaining Resources (continued)Key Patents for Technologies Sustaining Resources (continued)Key Patents for Technologies Sustaining Resources (continued)Contact Details

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