Technologies Driving Clinical Trial Management

Digital Technologies Disrupting the Clinical Trial Industry

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Clinical trials are slow and expensive process. Over the years, especially last year, the number of drugs approved through successful clinical trials has reduced significantly. Due to several clinical trial failures, pharmaceutical companies have suffered significant revenue loss. Based on Frost and Sullivan’s research, integration of digital technologies including cloud technology, artificial intelligence, big data, predictive and prescriptive analytics, internet of medical things and mobile technology, into the clinical trial processes can improve the efficiency, fasten the clinical trials processes. Pharmaceutical companies are embracing these digital technologies to improve patient engagement, prevent tr

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of the Research1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (continued)1.3 Key Findings2.0 Industry Overview2.1 How Can the Slow, Expensive, and Risky Business of Clinical Trials Be Transformed?2.2 In 2016, Novel Drug Approval was Less than the Average Number Approved Annually over the Past Decade2.3 Great Revenue Loss due to Top Clinical Trial Failures in 20162.4 Number of Studies Registered Growing Significantly over the Years2.5 Low-cost Healthcare and Greater Patient Diversity Attracting International Clinical Studies2.6 Higher Number of Drug or Biologic Intervention Trials Compared to Device Clinical Trials 2.7 Trial Costs, Complexity, and Failures are the Major Challenges in the Clinical Trial Industry3.0 Technology Snapshot and Trends3.1 Application Segmentation: Addressing Clinical Trial Challenges through Technology Innovations3.2 Technology Segmentation: Digital Technologies Driving Clinical Trial Management Industry3.3 Emerging Technologies Impacting Clinical Trial Processes3.4 Cloud Technology and Machine Learning Improving Clinical Trial Design or Protocol Development3.4.1 Technology Companies Improving Clinical Trial Design Process3.4.2 Collaborations and Data Sharing to Energize Clinical Trial Design3.5 Technologies Used to Fasten Patient Recruitment Process3.5.1 Innovative Cloud-based Online Platform for Patient Recruitment 3.5.2 Mobile Application Solution for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment 3.5.3 Several Technology Companies Coming Forward To Solve the Problem of Patient Recruitment for Trials3.5.4 Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Technology Improving Clinical Trial Recruitment3.6 Digital Technologies Used to Streamline Clinical Trial Monitoring Process3.7 Analysis and Management of Voluminous and Complex Data Simplified by Digital Technologies3.8 Emerging Technologies for Clinical Trial Monitoring and Management3.8.1 Some Cloud Technology Companies Helping Clinical Trial Data Capturing and Monitoring3.8.2 Pharma Companies Integrating Cloud into its Clinical Trial Solution3.8.3 Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Patient Engagement and Compliance3.8.4 Artificial Intelligence Disrupting the Traditional Clinical Trial Management3.8.5 Leveraging Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to Mitigate Trial Risks3.8.6 Mobile Applications for Clinical Trial Monitoring and Management3.8.7 Pharma Companies Acquiring Mobile Technology Companies for Patient Engagement3.8.8 Pharmaceutical Companies Incorporating Mobile Technology into Trials for Monitoring and Engagement3.8.9 Convergence of Medical Device into Clinical Trials Driving Patient Monitoring3.8.10 Pharmaceutical Companies Embracing Wearables for Trial Monitoring3.8.11 Key Participants Providing End-to-End Solution for Entire Clinical Trial Process4.0 Assessment of Investor Ecosystems4.1 Venture Funding Activities Globally Boost Opportunities for Digital Technologies in Clinical Trials4.2 Moderate Federal Funding for Supporting Clinical Trial Management 5.0 Growth Opportunities5.1 Clinical Trial Industry Innovation Ecosystem: Key Innovators5.2 Growth Opportunities: Adaptive Trials Increasing Chances of Trial Success5.3 Growth Opportunities: Highly Scalable and Cost-effective Remote Clinical Trials5.4 Growth Opportunities: Patient-centric Trials for Improved Engagement 5.5 Strategic Imperatives for the Future of the Clinical Trial Industry6.0 Key Industry Contacts6.1 Key Industry ContactsLegal Disclaimer7.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story7.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story7.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career7.3 Global Perspective7.4 Industry Convergence7.5 360º Research Perspective7.6 Implementation Excellence7.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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