Technologies Transforming Business Intelligence (TechVision)

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Business Intelligence (BI) is emerging as an essential tool for enterprises to gain real-time insights on key business indicators. Technology evolution is driving the development of innovative applications, fueling informed business decision making.This research service focuses on enabling technologies that are transforming the BI space. The research service also highlights the key future opportunities of BI.In brief, this research service provides the following:A brief snapshot of BIKey drivers and challengesKey technologies impacting BIKey innovators contributing to the transformationFuture convergence potentialFuture applications of BI

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Key Findings1.3 Research Methodology2. Overview of the Topic2.1 Overview of Business Intelligence2.2 Key Challenges of Business Intelligence2.3 BI Generates Business Opportunities2.4 BI Leads to Better Customer Service2.5 Business Intelligence Technology Value Chain2.6 Key Stakeholder Groups in Technology Value Chain3. Technologies Transforming Business Intelligence3.1 BI: Technology Innovation Layers3.1.1 Big Data–Transforming through Enhanced Storage3.1.1.1 Big Data–Key Innovators Empowering Transformation3.1.2 In-Memory Computing–Transforming Data Processing3.1.2.1 In-Memory Computing–Key Innovators Empowering Transformation3.1.3 Data Virtualization–Transforming Data Integration3.1.3.1 Data Virtualization–Key Innovators Empowering Transformation3.1.4 Cloud Computing–Transforming BI Business Models3.1.4.1 Cloud Computing–Key Innovators Empowering Transformation3.1.5 Internet-of-Things–Transforming Every ‘Thing’ into a Data Source3.1.5.1 IoT–Key Innovators Empowering Transformation3.1.6 Artificial Intelligence–Incrementing the Intelligence of BI3.1.6.1 AI–Key Innovators Empowering Transformation3.1.7 Analytics–Transforming BI through Predictions3.1.7.1Analytics–Key Innovators Empowering Transformation3.1.8 Data Visualization–Focusing on Visual Understanding3.1.8.1 Data Visualization–Key Innovators Empowering Transformation3.1.9 Mobile BI–Enabling Intelligence Everywhere3.1.9.1 Mobile BI–Key Innovators Empowering Transformation3.1.10 Mixed Reality–Augmenting Real Life With BI3.1.10.1 Mixed Reality–Key Innovators Empowering Transformation4. Future of BI4.1 Future Innovation Opportunities of BI4.1.1 Collaboration Powered by VR for Immersive Experience4.1.2 Wearables Fueling Next-Gen Mobile BI4.1.3 Machine Intelligence to Transform Real-time BI4.1.4 Wearables Fueling Next-Gen Mobile BI Assistants4.1.5 Interaction With BI Simplified4.1.6 Letting Thoughts Control BI4.1.7 Simulating the Future through Data Driven Intelligence4.2 Analyst Insights5. Key Contacts5.1 Key Contacts5.1 Key Contacts (continued)5.2 Legal Disclaimer6. The Frost & Sullivan Story6.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story6.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career6.3 Global Perspective6.4 Industry Convergence6.5 360º Research Perspective6.6 Implementation Excellence6.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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