Technologies Transforming Digital Media and Advertising

Technology drivers for Media and Entertainment industry With Analysis on Stakeholders and Their Innovations

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This research provides an analysis of the numerous opportunities Information and Communication Technology (ICT) offers for the media and advertising industry, where ICT can be applied to solve existing industry challenges. It also identifies unmet needs and technology and application developments that enable innovations and drive market growth for the media industry.The advent of ICT in the media and advertising industry offers the promise of dramatically transforming media activities by offering solutions for micro payments, copyright management, social media analysis, and broadcast scheduling.In brief, this research service provides the following:A brief overview of ICT in the media industryA snapshot on Driv

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Key Findings2.0 Industry Overview2.1 ICT Is Transforming Traditional Media Applications2.2 BDAs are Being Used in Digital Marketing and Advertisements to Track and Monitor User Behavior2.3 Wipro and Maxicaster Have Partnered for Over-the-Top Multicast and Multiscreen solutions2.4 Factors Influencing Adoption2.4 Factors Influencing Adoption (continued)3.0 Technology Impact3.1 Blockchain Is a Distributed Ledger that is Programmed to Record Financial and Non-financial Transactions3.2 Blockchain Will Eliminate Copyright Issues3.3 Musicoin is a Decentralized Transaction System that Enables Creators to Define their Own Licensing Policy3.4 BDA Overcomes the Limitations of Traditional Data Warehouses in Terms of Scalability and Low Processing Speed3.5 Big Data Will Help Broadcasters to Offer Customized Plans Based on Users’ Choice3.6 Biztream Analytics Platform Allows Organizations to Acquire Real-time Actionable Insights from Social Media Feeds3.7 AI is Enabling Automated Decision Making with High Accuracy Based on Data Driven Intelligence3.8 AI Techniques Will be Used to Compress Media and Optimize Network Data Transfer3.9 Quantifind Offers Machine Learning-based Analytics Solutions3.10 5G Will Reduce Latency from 50 Milliseconds to up to 1 Millisecond3.11 5G Will Significantly Reduce Data Consumption during Live Video Streaming3.12 Government Initiatives Drive most of the Funding in 5G for Collaborative Technology Development3.13 Technology Advancement in MR Has Enabled More Creative and Innovative Ways for Customer Engagement3.14 Using Virtual Reality Live Events Can Be Completely Transformed3.15 AR and VR Experienced All-time High Funding in 20164.0 Technology Convergence4.1 Convergence Will Reduce the Manual and Complex Job of Extracting News Feeds from Social Media4.2 The Convergence of Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing and 5G Network Will offer High Quality Video and Gaming Experience4.3 Convergence of BDA and Cloud will Help Companies to Store Copious Amounts of Data at Low Cost5.0 Growth Opportunities5.1 Growth Opportunities—BDA Will Offer Cost-Effective Data Management Solutions 5.2 Blockchain will Help to Tackle Piracy and Micro Payment Issues6.0 Key Initiatives and Future Opportunities6.1 Technology Innovations Enable Live 3D Viewing Experience and Immersive Cinematic Experience6.2 Artists Will Use Blockchain for Music Sharing Without any Record Labels or Intermediaries7.0 Analyst Insights 7.1 ICT technologies will Erode Traditional Data Management Solutions and Will Offer More Advanced and Cost-effective Solutions8.0 Key Contacts8.1 Key Contacts8.1 Key Contacts (Continued)Legal Disclaimer

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