Technology Advancements Shaping Big Data Progress

Need for scalability, interactivity, and accuracy is driving innovation

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With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, data are growing rapidly and are becoming an integral part of the evolving IT infrastructure. Big Data analytics (BDA) refers to a set of data management tools, applications, and techniques for effective analysis of Big Data sets so as to derive intelligence on business operations and customer interactions. BDA is capable of processing both structured and unstructured data from various sources.The recent trend in the data management space is to enable scalability in data analytics and to ensure details of smaller entities are analyzed appropriately. BDA is bringing in step-changing innovation across sectors of economic activity for efficient data management.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Key Findings1.3 Research Methodology2.0 Overview of the Topic2.1 Overview of Big Data2.2 Big Data Technology Value Chain2.3 Key Stakeholder Groups in Technology Value Chain2.4.1 Lack of skilled resources, faster analytics, scalable architecture and information security hindering adoption of Big Data2.4.2 Lack of adequate data sources, user-friendly interface and in-depth analysis hindering Big Data adoption3.0 Technology Advancements Transforming Big Data3.1 Big Data: Technology Innovation Layers3.2 SQL Database is Back to Big Data3.2.1 Companies at the Forefront Introducing SQL to Big Data3.3 Data Virtualization Facilitating Data Management 3.3.1 Companies at the Forefront of Virtualization 3.4 Transforming Every Object into a Data Source with Internet of Things3.4.1 Companies at the Forefront of IoT Market3.5 Enhanced Security for the Cloud Facilitating Big Data Adoption3.5.1 Companies at the Forefront of IDaaS3.6 In-memory Helping in Processing Data Faster3.6.1 Companies at the Forefront of In-memory Computing3.7 Artificial Intelligence Facilitating Decision Making Process3.7.1 Companies at the Forefront of AI-based Analytics3.8 Virtual Reality will Revolutionize Visualization3.8.1 Companies at the Forefront of Virtual Reality4.0 Future Applications of Big Data and Converging Technologies 4.1.1 Human Voice will Facilitate mHealth4.1.2 Analytics will Help Protect Zero-day Attacks4.1.3 Next Generation Analytics Assistant will Emerge4.1.4 Brick-and-mortar Stores will Fight Back4.1.5 Interactive Analytics will be Simplified4.1.6 Comprehensive Point-of-care Diagnosis4.1.7 The User's Brain May Communicate Needs4.2 Analyst Insights5.0 Key Contacts5.1 List of Contacts5.1 List of Contacts (continued)Legal Disclaimer6.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story6.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story6.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career6.3 Global Perspective6.4 Industry Convergence6.5 360º Research Perspective6.6 Implementation Excellence6.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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