Technology Breakthroughs in Food Encapsulation

Enhanced Functionality and Nutrient Bioavailability to Spur Uptake of Biopolymer Materials and Nanotechnology

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The recent advances in the food industry focus on offering a sustained approach to the development of healthier functional foods. Food encapsulation helps food processors protect sensitive food components, ensure against nutritional loss, utilize otherwise sensitive ingredients, incorporate unusual or time-release mechanisms into their formulations, mask or preserve flavors and aromas, and transform liquids into easily handled solid ingredients. With the demand for healthier food increasing every year, food encapsulation is becoming a strong tool to be explored and developed on a global scale as it can provide the controlled release of functional ingredients at the right place and at the right time. Besides, i

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Process and Methodology1.3 Key Findings—Consumer Preferences Govern Technology and Product Developments1.4 Key Requirements from Stakeholders Adopting Encapsulation Technologies2.0 Introduction to Encapsulation2.1 An Overview of Encapsulation Technology2.2 Preservation of Nutritional and Flavor Aspects Drive Adoption in Food Industry3.0 Food Encapsulation—An Overview3.1 Food Encapsulation—An Overview3.2 Stability of the Core and Carrier Play An Important Role in Enhancing Effectiveness3.3 Compatibility of Core and Carrier Materials Determine Successful Adoption3.4 Key Consumer Preferences Determine the Types of Food Encapsulation Adopted for Various Food Products3.5 Wide Application Potential across Segments 4.0 Technology Overview4.1 Key Chemical Encapsulation Technologies 4.2 Key Physical Encapsulation Technologies4.3 Key Physical Encapsulation Technologies—Multiple Techniques with Wide Range of Capabilities4.4 Mapping of Encapsulation Technologies with Core and Carrier Materials4.5 North America and Europe Lead in Technology and Product Development4.6 Emerging Economies Expected Play a Major Role in Technology Adoption in next Three Years4.7 Wide Range of Emerging Opportunities for Technology Developers5.0 Industry Overview 5.1 Factors That Drive Adoption of Food Encapsulation Technologies5.2 Challenges for Wide Scale Adoption of Food Encapsulation Technologies5.3 Key Regulations and Standards That Impact Adoption5.4 USA Dominates Patent Filings in the Last Five Years5.5 Key Innovations Focused on Technology Development That Has a Wide Application Potential5.6 Technology Innovations Resulting in Longer Shelf Life of Products5.7 Key Industry Initiatives Spread across the Globe5.8 Increasing Partnerships Facilitate Technology Development5.9 Consumer Preferences Directly Impact Technology and Product Development6.0 Technology Roadmapping6.1 Introduction to Technology Roadmapping6.2 Technology Roadmap—Future Outlook of Food Encapsulation6.3 Technology Roadmap—Legend6.4 Market and Competitive Strategies of Product Developers Resonate in Technology Development6.5 Increasing Product Shelf Life Is a Key Research Focus Area in the Short Term6.6 Nanotechnology to Play an Important Role in the Near Future6.7 From the Analyst’s Desk7.0 Key Patents7.1 Key Patents across the Globe7.2 Key Patents by Academia and Companies7.3 Key Patents Related to Product Development7.4 Key Patent on Nanoencapsulation8.0 Key Contacts8.1 Key ContactsLegal Disclaimer9.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story9.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story9.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career9.3 Global Perspective9.4 Industry Convergence9.5 360º Research Perspective9.6 Implementation Excellence9.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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