Technology Innovations for Patient Engagement

Digital Technologies Transforming Patient Engagement Industry

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Patient engagement is crucial to better clinical outcomes and a high-performing health system. Patient engagement improves communication between the patients and their care providers, resulting in timely access to healthcare, reduces hospital re-admissions, and enables efficient management of illness. This research service showcases the different technology innovations in patient engagement and how is it impacting the healthcare industry. Digital patient engagement solutions such as use of patient portals, mobile applications, wearables, to even more advanced and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and interactive robots and the impact of these technologies on medication adher

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of the Research1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (continued)1.3 Key Findings2.0 Industry Overview2.1 Patient Engagement for Proactive and Improved Healthcare Outcomes2.2 Patient Engagement Enabling Patient Centric Care2.3 Technology Advances Improving Patient Engagement Solutions 2.4 Patient Engagement Technology Solutions include Hardware, Software, and Services2.5 Technology Innovations Have Significantly Improved Patient Engagement2.6 Technology Advances and Convergence for Patient Engagement2.7 Patient Engagement Solution Enabling Treatment Adherence, Disease Management, and Overall Population Health Management2.8 Impact of Traditional Technologies on Different Engagement Applications2.9 Impact of Emerging Technologies on Different Engagement Applications2.10 Ecosystem of Patient Engagement: An Amalgamation of OEMs, Software Developers, and Healthcare Providers 3.0Applications and Key Trends3.1 Medication Adherence Through Patient Engagement Tools3.1.1 Smart Medical Devices for Medication Adherence3.1.2 Innovative Mobile Applications for Medication Adherence3.1.3 Artificial Intelligence-based Medication Adherence Mobile Medical Application 3.2 Patient Engagement Solutions Helping in Managing Chronic Diseases3.2.1 Diabetes Management Patient Engagement Solutions3.2.2 Innovative Mobile Diabetes Management Solution3.2.3 Obesity Management Through Patient Engagement3.2.4 Management of Chronic Disease Asthma Through Active Patient Engagement3.3 Patient Engagement for Mental Health and Behavioral Health3.3.1 Digital Engagement Solutions Improving Health Outcomes in Mental and Behavioral Health Patients3.3.2 Engaging and Treating Patients With Neurological Disorders Through Video Game-based Entertainment Software Platform3.3.3 Engaging Therapeutic Solution for Behavioral and Mental Health3.4 Driving Pharmaceutical Market Success Through Patient Engagement3.4.1 Patient Engagement Solution Improving Medication Adherence and Brand Loyalty for Pharmaceutical Companies3.4.2 Long Term Patient Engagement Using Social Interactive Robots3.4.3 Pharma Companies Acquisitions or Collaborations With Patient Engagement Solution Companies3.5 Patient Engagement Improving Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Outcomes in Hospitals3.5.1 Hospital Patient Engagement Through Patient Entertainment and Interactive Solutions3.5.2 Improved Patient Education Improving Patient Satisfaction and Reduce Re-admission 3.6 Engaging Patients Undergoing Surgery for Improving Clinical Outcomes3.6.1 Engaging Patients From Pre-surgery Planning to Post-surgery Follow-ups3.6.2 Technology Convergence mHealth Platform for Monitoring and Follow-up Caring of Hospital Discharged Patients3.6.3 Partnerships and Collaborations of Hospitals and Medical Centers With Patient Engagement Solution Company4.0 Growth Opportunities4.1 Patient Engagement Industry Innovation Ecosystem: Key Innovators4.2 Growth Opportunities: Patient-Specific Engagement Solution4.3 Growth Opportunities: Intelligent Patient Engagement Tools 5.0 Strategic Insights5.1 Technology Management Strategies for Effective Patient Engagement5.2 Strategic Insights to Implement Patient Engagement Into a Healthcare System5.3 Emerging Technologies Are Set to Revolutionize the Future Patient Engagement 5.4 Strategic Recommendations for Business Growth in Patient Engagement Industry 6.0 Key Industry Contacts6.1 Key Industry ContactsLegal Disclaimer

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Release Date : 21-Nov-18

Region : North America

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