Technology Trends in Immersive Computing (TechVision)

Insight into immersive technologies and applications that help transform experiences into digital reality

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Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive three-dimensional (3D) environment that is computer generated. Immersion into VR is an individual’s perception of having a physical presence in the non-physical world or the virtual world. New technologies and applications are evolving in this space to make an effective contribution to proliferating sectors such as entertainment and gaming, manufacturing, amongst others.The objective of this research is to identify the key applications, understand development trends, and offer a roadmap for ecosystem participants in the immersive computing space. In brief, this research service provides the following:A brief snapshot of the capabilities of immersive computingImmersive c

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Key Findings1.3 Research Methodology2.0 Overview2.1 Immersive Computing – A Brief Snapshot2.2 Market Size Expected to Grow by 7X from CY 20142.3 Rise in Funding Initiatives2.4 Education, Training and Entertainment Applications to have High Impact2.5 Technology Value Chain for Immersive Computing2.5 Technology Value Chain for Immersive Computing (continued)3.0 Technology Segments and Development Trends3.1 Technology Segment and its Components3.2 VR Modules – A Snapshot3.3 VR Modules – Development Trends for Software Segment3.4 VR Modules– Development Trends for Hardware Segment4.0 Key Drivers and Restraints4.1 Drivers and Restraints for Software Segment4.2 Key Drivers for Software Segment4.3 Key Restraints for Software Segment4.4 Drivers and Restraints for Hardware Segment4.5 Key Drivers for Hardware Segment4.6 Key Restraints for Hardware Segment5.0 Patent and Adoption Trends5.1 Patent Trends by Year (2012-2015) – Interest Growing amongst Developers5.2 Patent Trends by Countries – U.S.A remains a Key Contributor5.3 Regional Adoption Trends – North America Dominates6.0 Technology Opportunities and Roadmap6.1 Technology Capability – Hardware6.2 Technology Capability – Software6.3 Technology Capability – Unmet Opportunities6.4 Innovations in Virtual Reality6.5 Technology Roadmap – Virtual Reality6.5 Technology Roadmap – Virtual Reality (Continued)6.5 Technology Roadmap – Virtual Reality (Continued)6.5 Technology Roadmap – Virtual Reality (Continued)7.0 Analyst Insights7.1 Analyst Insights8.0 Key Contacts8.1 Key Contacts8.2 Legal Disclaimer9.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story9.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story9.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career9.3 Global Perspective9.4 Industry Convergence9.5 360º Research Perspective9.6 Implementation Excellence9.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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