Test and Measurement: A Definitive Guide to Sensor Development and Opportunities (Technical Insights)


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Table of Contents

Test and Measurement, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryTest and Measurement, Control technologiesControl technologiesControl technologiesArgonne Offers X-ray Specs for Gallium NitrideArgonne Offers X-ray Specs for Gallium NitrideMeasure Light from Welding to Control LaserMeasure Light from Welding to Control LaserSystem Improves Dimensional Process Monitoring SystemsSystem Improves Dimensional Process Monitoring SystemsDeviceNet TechnologyDeviceNet TechnologyOptical Sensor Improves Welding AccuracyOptical Sensor Improves Welding AccuracySemiconductor Manufacturing Gets Closed-Loop ControlSemiconductor Manufacturing Gets Closed-Loop ControlMap Doping Profiles QuicklyMap Doping Profiles QuicklyTest and Measurement, Sensing TechnologiesAccelerationSingle Sensor Measures Acceleration in Two DimensionsSensing TechnologiesSensing TechnologiesAccelerationStrap Sensors to Cockroaches to Measure Many VariablesBiomedicalOak Ridge Develops Medical TelesensorsDevice Assists MRI and CT by Measuring Brain LesionsGuide Wire Measures Blood Pressure in Coronary ArteryInstrument Measures Platelet FunctionComputerized Sonar Cane Navigates Seeing ImpairedTechnique Measures Stability of the ScaphoidDevice Monitors Use of Surgical InstrumentsIon Gate Biosensor Works at Molecular LevelProduce Biosensors by Sticking Cells to TransducerImaging Tool Gives In-Depth Wound ViewChemical Sensing - GasesTailored L-B Films - Interferometer Measure Toxic GasesElectrode Sensor Measures Transformer GasesFiberoptic Sensor Maps Chemical Activity on Thin FilmsInfrared Rays Measure Gases Permeating Polymer FilmsSmoothbore Sensor Measures Hydrogen SulfideDiode Lasers Measure Engine - Combustion GasesPorous Silicon Capacitor Measures Water VaporInfrared Technology Measures Carbon DioxideCO2 Sensors Play Key Role in Environmental ProjectOpen Reference Electrode Potentiometric CO2 SensorDetector is Tailored to Track Alkali from BiomassMeasure Glass Transition Depression in PolycarbonatesPhase-Change Materials Lead to Hydrogen SensorsGas Sensor Measures Nitrous Oxide Levels in Real TimePolymer Thin Films Detect NO2One Sensor Measures Three GasesChemical Sensing - Liquids and SolidsMeasure High Acidity with FiberopticsUse Near-IR for Chemical Sensing - MonitoringMolecular Recognition Sensor Measures Trace MetalsNoncontact Process Monitors Oxide ContaminationOptical Techniques Shed Light on Chemical; Environment; SensingMeasure Bitterness; SweetnessSensor Array Mimics Taste Buds of Human TongueMicrosensor Identifies Organic Compounds Using MoleculesLight Rays Determine Fluid MixSniff Out Hydrocarbons with Electronic NoseFiberoptic Sensors Monitor in Remote EnvironmentsCorrosionTo Detect Defects and Avoid Obstacles; Try Guided WavesDetect Early-Stage CorrosionMicrowaves Home in on Thickness to Measure CorrosionDepthMeasure Sputter Depth in Real TimeDistance/PositionMeasure Separation to Within 0.1 NanometerTriangulation Sensor Measures Distances - VelocityLasers and Optical Fibers Join to Provide Position AccuracyOptical Sensor Tracks Six Degrees of FreedomRadar Technology has Multiple ApplicationsEddy CurrentEddy Current Monitors Alloy FormationElectric Current/Electric FieldCount Current an Electron at a TimePhotonic Field Sensor Reduces Electrical Noise PickupThin Films Measure Transformer Fluxes In SituFlaw/Defect DetectionAnalyze Backscattering Patterns to Detect CracksFind Gas Line Defects without DiggingInstrument Combines Complementary Acoustic TechnologiesForceAtomic Force Microscopy Reaches Fab FloorCantilever Measures Forces in Cold RollingU.S. Army Opens Up its Test FacilitiesHardnessRedefine Dynamic HardnessPredict Hardness of Steel Strip On-LineMeasure True Hardness of SurfacesHeat/Heat FluxThin-Film Sensors Embedded Directly into PartsTwin-Cell Calorimeter Takes the HeatIndentationA Puzzle Solved is a Part SavedIRNew Alloy Semiconductors Detect IRLevelReflective Sensor Measures Tiny Level DifferencesLife PredictionPrediction Models May Lead to Better Composite PartsPredicting the Life of Steel PartsMachine PerformanceProject Promotes High-Performance MachiningMagnetic FieldField-Emitter Arrays Lead to Novel MagnetometersMicromachined Trampoline Measures Large PulsesMagnetic Material May Sense Data in Disk DrivesHigh-Speed Fiber Maps Magnetic FieldsHall-Effect Sensor Operates in Three DimensionsMass FlowSensor Measures Flow for Two PhasesUltrasonic Velocity Measures Liquid PropertiesTwo Transducers Measure Mass FlowMeasure Flow; Flux and Vorticity in 3DAveraging Smooths Flow Measuring - Eases Response TimeOptical Sensor Measures Gas DirectionSwollen Polymer Method Measures Mass TransferMeasure Solids’ Flow by Pressure DropsNanotechnologyEmbed Nanotubes in Film - Measure ThemMeasure Multiple Variables with Cantilever SensorObject DetectionTry Photoelectric Sensors for Manufacturing ControlOpticalLow-Cost Pyranometer Measures Visible RadiationSee it all with Optical Coherence TomographyMeasure Cells - Materials without Disturbing ThemMeasure Down to One Picosecond with Atomic Streak CameraDetector Works with Various Optical Fiber ConnectorsTailor Tiny Spectrometer to Your Sensing ApplicationPositionInexpensive Sensor Measures Finger PositionsContactless Sensing Measures Small DisplacementsMagnetoresistive Sensors Track Two; Three AxesDetect Heights and Angles During Automated ManufacturingPressureDetermine Pipe Pressures NonintrusivelyRugged Sensor Measures Pressures Up to 25000 PSICapacitive Pressure Sensor Has Clamped DiaphragmPressure Sensor Small Enough to Fit into the Human HeartProfileAccurate Profile Sensor Uses Laser TriangulationResonanceMeasure Elastic Properties of Metal and Ceramic PartsRoughnessNanometer Sensor Measures Many VariablesSAW Sensor Measures Surface RoughnessMeasure Surface Shear with Liquid Crystal CoatingLaser Nanosensor Measures RoughnessSizeMeasurement System Checks Fastener DimensionsLaser Interferometry Now Measures CylindersMeasure Large Parts as You Make ThemSolderabilityScanner Measures PCB SolderabilitySprayOptical Patternator Characterizes Spray from InjectorsStrainSense Strain without SensorsSensitive Pressure Bar Measures Plastic StrainSputtered Film Measures Strain at High TemperaturesStressPoly Process Takes Harmful Stress Out of MEMSStudy Stress Distribution to Machine Better PartsLiquid Crystals Measure Surface Shear StressesTelemetryGetting to the Data that Are Difficult to GatherTemperatureTough Fibers Measure Extreme TemperaturesApply Miniature Probe During Casting and MoldingProduce Better Galvannealed Steel PartsMeasure High Temperatures in FabricsThermometer Measures Objects at Varying DistancesTensile StrengthPiezoelectric Tester Measures Thin-Film Tensile StrengthTensile Test Thin FilmThermal ConductivityHot Plate Precisely Measures Coat’s Thermal ConductivityThicknessMonitor Film Growth in Real TimeSensor Measures Thickness of Lubricant FilmsUltrasonic Pulses Measure Film ThicknessMetrology Instrument Measures Six-Layer DevicesGauge and Software Measure Thickness of TubingMeasure Layer Thickness with Alpha ParticlesLaser Echo Measures Opaque Film ThicknessLaser Twin Sensor Ideal for Precision MeasurementTiltMeasure Tilt Angle Based on AccelerationTorqueTo Keep Tabs on Torque - Try this Portable AnalyzerLow-Cost Torque Sensor Checks Shaft-Driven SystemsVelocityUse Strobe and Lasers to Measure MotionImage Velocity with White LightVibrationMagnetostrictive Transducers Sense; Damp VibrationsFiber Sensor Monitors VibrationsMeasure Vibration in Real TimeSensor Arrays Improve Vibration; Strain MeasurementViscosityLove Wave Sensor Measures Viscosity; BiochemicalsVoltageElectro-Optic Sensor Safely Measures High VoltageTest and Measurement, SoftwareSimulate Casting and Avoid Expensive ReworkSimulate Casting and Avoid Expensive ReworkAgreement Ties Forming Simulation with Design SoftwareAgreement Ties Forming Simulation with Design SoftwareSimulation Software Performs Rapid 3D AnalysisSimulation Software Performs Rapid 3D AnalysisLaser Calibration Software Compensates for Machine ErrorLaser Calibration Software Compensates for Machine ErrorImprove Glass Production with Modeling and VisualizationImprove Glass Production with Modeling and VisualizationProduce Castings Faster with Simulation SoftwareProduce Castings Faster with Simulation SoftwareSimulation Software Works with Most CAD ProgramsSimulation Software Works with Most CAD ProgramsSoftware Detects Specks in Pulp and PaperSoftware Detects Specks in Pulp and PaperSoftware Lets You See “Hidden” Vibration DataSoftware Lets You See “Hidden” Vibration DataTest and Measurement, StandardsMore Accurate Reference Material in the WorksMore Accurate Reference Material in the WorksStandard Interface Proposed for Inspection ProbesStandard Interface Proposed for Inspection ProbesConsortium Develops Compliance Tests for VRML SpecsConsortium Develops Compliance Tests for VRML SpecsSensor Fusion Speeds CMM’s Data AcquisitionSensor Fusion Speeds CMM’s Data AcquisitionMetrology Issues and MEMSMetrology Issues and MEMSGravity Research Yields Precise Rotating TableGravity Research Yields Precise Rotating TableTest and Measurement, Test And Manufacturing FacilitiesResearch High-Speed Machining on NIST Test BedResearch High-Speed Machining on NIST Test BedManufacturing Center Turns Out Precision OpticsManufacturing Center Turns Out Precision OpticsTest; Demonstrate Your Products at this Advanced FacilityTest; Demonstrate Your Products at this Advanced FacilityDo Advanced Design at Natural Gas Test PlantDo Advanced Design at Natural Gas Test PlantTest and Measurement, Organization IndexOrganization IndexOrganization IndexTest and Measurement, PatentsPatentsPatents

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