The Top 17 Trends for 2017

The Global Political Climate Will Eclipse Technological Advances in Influencing Growth Opportunities

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Is your organization prepared to take advantage of the most impactful and transformational trends set to take place in 2017? Frost & Sullivan's Visionary Innovation Group has drawn on the expertise of its global team of futurists, consultants, and analysts to forecast which trends will most affect business, society, and government in the coming year. Each of our top 17 trends are analyzed and supported with key predictions for the coming year and the expected impact of those predictions. Trends range from artificial intelligence personal assistants to the impact of the Donald Trump presidency.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Top 17 Trends to Watch
Top 17 Trends for 2017
Comparative Analysis of Top 17 Trends for 2017
2. Profiles of Top 17 Trends to Watch
The Global Impact of President Trump
Brexit—The Exit Process
AI Personal Assistant Race for Dominance
Increasing Insularity, Nationalism, and Protectionism
Level 3 Autonomous Vehicles Hit the Road
Connected Living Transforms the Home
Cognitive is the New Smart
The Industrial IoT Ecosystem Play
Space Accessibility Broadens
China Becomes a Hyper Robotic Society
Horizontal Realization
The Mainstreaming of Augmented Reality for B2B
Data as a Service Explosion
Platforms Become a Commodity
Rise of the Halal Economy
Drones Take Off
IoT Pivots to Sentient Tools
3. Conclusion
Common Themes
Unexpected Political Shifts Will Destabilize Global Norms
The Supremacy of AI
The Evolution of IoT
The Future is Launching
Blurred Boundaries
Worker Replacement
Business Model Calibration
4. Legal Disclaimer


List of Figures & Charts

1. Expected Level 3 Launches, Global, 2017
2. Evolution of Smart Home Connected Living, Global, 2016–2017
3. Key IoT Ecosystem Players, Global, 2016–2017
4. Key Developments in Space Accessibility, Global, 2015–2020
5. Emerging Convergence Developments, Global, 2017
6. Augmented Reality Applications, Global, 2017
7. Data as a Service Value Chain, Global, 2017
8. Halal Economy Industries, Global, 2017
9. Drivers of the Halal Economy, Global, 2017
10. Notable Drone Delivery Developments, Global, 2016

1. Comparative Analysis of Top 17 Trends, Global, 2017
2. Projected Robots in Use, China, 2015–2017
3. Robots per 10,000 Workers, Select Countries, 2016

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