The Turkish Smart Grid Market

Determined Steps to be Taken During the Third Investment Term will Transform the Grid

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Scope of the reportThe research report includes the following segments:Product scope: Smart Grid MarketGeographic scope: TurkeyEnd-user scope: Smart grid market participants, electricity generation, transmission and distribution companiesDrivers and restraints, investment trends, and future trends have also been provided for the Turkish smart grid market.What makes our reports unique?We provide one of the longest market segmentation chains in this industry.We conduct detailed market positioning, product positioning, and competitive positioning. Entry strategies, gaps, and opportunities are identified for all the stakeholders.Comprehensive market analysis for the following sectors:Pharmaceuticals, medical device

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
CEO’s 360-Degree Perspective
2. Market Overview
3. Drivers and Restraints
Market Drivers
A Decrease in the Loss and Theft Ratio and an Increase in Energy Efficiency
Opportunity to Decrease Operational Cost Encourages Distribution Companies
Increasing Electricity Demand Drives the Need for an Efficiently Managed Grid
Mitigation of the Negative Effect of Intermittent Energy Sources
Continuity of Energy Supply becomes a More Important Issue
Market Restraints
Investment Payback Period is Relatively Long due to High Initial Investment
Modernisation of Aged Infrastructure is the Primary Need
Budget Limit for IT Investments Hinders Planned Projects
Know-how is not Sufficient for the Implementation and Integration of Technologies
Communication Infrastructure is not Yet Developed
4. Investment Plans for Smart Grid
Smart Grid Investments for Transmission
Government’s Agenda on Smart Grid Development
Turkey Smart Grid 2020 Strategy and Roadmap
Investment Plans of DisCos in the Third Investment Term
Planned IT investments of DisCos in the Third Term (2016–2020)
Planned IT Investments of DisCos in the Next 5 Years
Key System Supplier Selection Criteria
Key System Supplier Selection Criteria Explained
Integration of Renewables and Distributed Energy Projects
5. Future Trends
Future Trends
3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
6. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Smart Grid Market: Key Market Drivers, Turkey, 2016–2020
2. Smart Grid Market: Key Market Restraints, Turkey, 2016–2020
3. Turkey Smart Grid Strategy and Roadmap: Project Phase, Turkey, 2020
4. Electricity Market: Number of Subscribers by Company, Turkey, 2015
5. Electricity Market: R&D Investment Budget by Company, Turkey, 2016–2020
6. Distribution Grid Market: Investment Budget of Distribution Companies, Turkey, 2011–2020
7. Ranking of Selection Criteria, 2015
8. Renewable Energy Market: Breakdown by Installed Capacity, Turkey, 2015

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