Analysis of the Drone Delivery Landscape and the Evolving Business Opportunities, 2018

The Number of Delivery Drones in the Global eCommerce Industry Alone is Expected to be at least 2.2 Million Units by 2025 Growing at a CAGR of 87.5% from 2018

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This study provides a comprehensive insight into the drone delivery landscape. It discusses the evolution of delivery drones and the need for them today, as well as the macroeconomic trends favouring them. The technological challenges and supporting technologies to overcome them are included, and the various types of delivery drones and profiles of key participants are provided. The study offers an analysis of the current competitive landscape. The research segments the different delivery drones and analyses their capabilities. The different types of drones discussed include multicopters such as tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter and octocopter, as well as fixed wing and transitional drones. The various futurist

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Executive Summary—Key Takeaways
Executive Summary—Vehicle Segmentation
Executive Summary—Select Delivery Drone Companies
Executive Summary—Select Participants from Other Industries
Executive Summary—Drone Technology Ecosystem
Executive Summary—Business Services and Revenue Streams
Executive Summary—Global Hotspots for Pilots and Concepts
Key Findings and Future Outlook
2. Research Scope and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Background
Research Methodology
3. Segmentations and Drivers
Vehicle Segmentation
Select Delivery Drone Specifications, 2018
Delivery Drones Vs Conventional Light Delivery Vans
Delivery Drones Vs Delivery Bots
Macroeconomic Outlook—Macro Factors Influencing Drone Delivery
Why Are Delivery Drones Better for Last-mile Delivery?
Key Converging Industries Enabling Drone Delivery
4. Evolving Landscape of Delivery Drones
Drone Deliveries—Notable Milestones
Drone Deliveries—Evolving Ecosystem
Select Delivery Drone Companies
Select Participants from Other Industries
Fixed Wing Vs Multirotor Drones
Transitional Drones—Best of Both Worlds?
Delivery Drones —Range Vs Payload
Global Hotspots for Pilots and Concepts
5. Key Application Areas
Snapshot of the Key Application Areas
B2B/Intralogistics—Biological Sample Transport
B2B/Intralogistics—Shipping/Retail/Oil & Gas
B2C—Telecommunications Delivery
B2C—Emergency Response
B2C—Traditional Retail/eCommerce
B2C—Food Delivery
B2C—Postal/Courier Delivery
Business Service Model Trials—Chemist Warehouse and Alphabet
Business Service Model Trials—AHA & Flytrex
Business Service Model Trials—DHL Parcelcopter
Medical Courier Drone Service—Nepal
Cargo Drone—Natilus
Emergency Response—Ambulance Drone
Aid Delivery—Consumable Drone
Futuristic Drone Delivery Concept—Drone Errand Service
Timeline for Mainstream Commercialisation
Select Partnerships Driving Drone Delivery Applications
Summary of Business Services and Revenue Streams
Delivery Drones in the eCommerce Industry—Forecast
Delivery Drones in the eCommerce Industry—Regional Market Share
6. Infrastructure
Key Infrastructure Requirements
Distribution Hub Concept—The Amazon ‘Drone Hive’ Warehouse
Delivery Platforms Concepts—Blimps
Delivery Platforms Concepts—UPS Drone Delivery Truck
Delivery Platforms Concepts—Amazon Rail
Charging Infrastructure—Street Lamps/Cell Towers
Charging Infrastructure—Battery Swapping Stations
Receiving Platforms—Google Box on Wheels
Receiving Platforms—Eniverse DoorBox
Receiving Platforms—Drone Landing Pad in High Rises
Receiving Platforms—Other Concepts
Drone Landing Pads
Infrastructure Feasibility
Drone-in-a-Box—Enabling Autonomous Drone Operations
7. Challenges
Challenges—Fuel Efficiency and Range
Challenges—Inclement Weather
Challenges—Air Traffic Management
Other Challenges—Vandals, Smuggling, and Bird Attack
Addressing Safety—The Origami Drone
Addressing Drone Charging—Skysense
Addressing Secure Drone Delivery & Payment—WorldPay
Mohyi Labs—Addressing Drone Noises
Addressing Drone Air Traffic Control—NASA UTM
8. Enabling Technologies for Delivery Drones
Drone Delivery—Key Enabling Technologies Snapshot
AI and Blockchain to Drive Future Drone Deliveries
Boeing NeXt—Using Blockchain and AI to Track Drones
Role of Fog Computing in Drone Deliveries
Select Drone Software Platforms
Drone Platforms—PrecisionHawk
Drone Platforms—Skyward Operations Management Platform
Select Companies in the Technology Ecosystem
9. Evolving Regulatory Landscape
Global Commercial Drone Regulations Landscape
Evolving Beyond VLOS Regulations
Commercial Drone Regulations—Select US States
US—The UAS Integration Pilot Program
Japan—Building The Drone City of the Future
10. Growth Opportunities and C2A
Delivery Drones—Growth Opportunities
Strategic Imperatives
11. Appendix
The 3 Big Predictions
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
Legal Disclaimer
Market Engineering Methodology
List of Exhibits

List of Figures & Charts

1. Drone Delivery Market: Key Takeaways, Global, 2018
2. Drone Delivery Market: Key Findings, Global, 2018–2025
3. Drone Delivery Market: Delivery Drones Vs Conventional Light Delivery Vans, Global, 2017–2025
4. Drone Delivery Market: Delivery Drones Vs Delivery Bots, Global, 2017–2025
5. Drone Delivery Market: PESTLE, Global, 2018
6. Drone Delivery Market: Infrastructure Feasibility, Global, 2018
7. Drone Delivery Market: Regulations – Select US States, US, 2018
8. Drone Delivery Market: UAS Integration Pilot Program, US, 2018

1. Drone Delivery Market: Vehicle Segmentation, Global, 2018
2. Drone Delivery Market: Select Delivery Drone Companies, Global, 2018
3. Drone Delivery Market: Participants from Other Industries, Global, 2018
4. Drone Delivery Market: Drone Technology Ecosystem, Global, 2018
5. Drone Delivery Market: Business Services, Global, 2017–2035
6. Drone Delivery Market: Hotspots for Pilots, Global, 2018
7. Drone Delivery Market: Vehicle Segmentation, Global, 2018
8. Drone Delivery Market: Delivery Specification Comparison, Global, 2018
9. Drone Delivery Market: Converging Industries, Global, 2018
10. Drone Delivery Market: Notable Milestones, Global, 2015–2018
11. Drone Delivery Market: Evolving Ecosystem, Global, 2018
12. Drone Delivery Market: Select Delivery Drone Companies, Global, 2018
13. Drone Delivery Market: Participants from Other Industries, Global, 2018
14. Drone Delivery Market: Fixed Wing Vs Multirotor, Global, 2018
15. Drone Delivery Market: Range Vs Payload, Global, 2018
16. Drone Delivery Market: Hotspots for Pilots, Global, 2018
17. Drone Delivery Market: Key Application Areas, Global, 2018–2025
18. Drone Delivery Market: Military, Global, 2018
19. Drone Delivery Market: Biological Sample Transport, Global, 2018
20. Drone Delivery Market: Shipping/Retail/Oil &Gas, Global, 2018
21. Drone Delivery Market: Telecom Delivery, Global, 2018
22. Drone Delivery Market: Emergency Response, Global, 2018
23. Drone Delivery Market: Food Delivery, Global, 2018
24. Drone Delivery Market: Postal/Courier Delivery, Global, 2018
25. Drone Delivery Market: Chemist Warehouse and Alphabet, Global, 2018
26. Drone Delivery Market: AHA & Flytrex, Global, 2018
27. Drone Delivery Market: DHL Parcelcopter, Global, 2018
28. Drone Delivery Market: Level of Commercialisation for Various Applications, 2018–2025
29. Drone Delivery Market: Business Services, Global, 2017–2035
30. Drone Delivery Market: Number of Delivery Drones, Global, 2017–2025
31. Drone Delivery Market: Delivery Drones Regional Market Share, Global, 2018
32. Drone Delivery Market: Key Challenges, Global, 2018
33. Drone Delivery Market: Distribution Hub, Global, 2018
34. Drone Delivery Market: Delivery Infrastructure, Global, 2018
35. Drone Delivery Market: Landing Pads, Global, 2018
36. Drone Delivery Market: Key Challenges, Global, 2018
37. Drone Delivery Market: Fuel Efficiency and Range, Global, 2018
38. Drone Delivery Market: Inclement Weather, Global, 2018
39. Drone Delivery Market: Air Traffic Management, Global, 2018
40. Drone Delivery Market: Safety, Global, 2018
41. Drone Delivery Market: Noise, Global, 2018
42. Drone Delivery Market: Hacking, Global, 2018
43. Drone Delivery Market: Privacy, Global, 2018
44. Drone Delivery Market: Other Challenges, Global, 2018
45. Drone Delivery Market: Key Enabling Technologies, Global, 2018
46. Drone Delivery Market: AI & Blockchain, Global, 2018
47. Drone Delivery Market: Drone Software Platforms, Global, 2018
48. Drone Delivery Market: Drone Platforms, Global, 2018
49. Drone Delivery Market: Companies in the Technology Ecosystem, Global, 2018
50. Drone Delivery Market: Regulations by Country, Global, 2018
51. Drone Delivery Market: Beyond VLOS, Global, 2018

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