Truck-as-a-Service Market, Forecast to 2025

Digitalization of Truck Services to Create $79.42 Billion Opportunity by 2025

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The confluence of technologies in the trucking industry is providing a platform for various stakeholders to build service and solution-based revenue models. As commercial trucks increasingly integrate telematics devices, a plethora of services beyond tracking, from prognostics to asset management to driver behavior management, are being enabled. The industry view holds that digitaliizing the freight brokerage process has had the greatest impact on improving freight efficiency, reducing empty miles and emissions, as well as lowering the cost of trucking. As a result, a slew of digital brokerage solutions are being funded across major truck markets in an effort to usher in digital brokerage. As consumers increasi

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the key new revenue opportunities emerging in the truck market?
  • What is driving the shift of trucking from a product business to a service business?
  • What is the futuristic strategy orientation of key truck OEMs?
  • What is the revenue potential of digital freight brokerage and truck telematics services in 2025?
  • What is the revenue potential of digital retailing and business analytics in the trucking industry in 2025?
  • What are the key initiatives, in terms of new products, that industry stakeholders need to take?

Key Conclusions

Into 2025, the trucking industry will experience high integration of real-time diagnostics, online booking of services and repairs, remote repairs, assisted repairs, and remote diagnostics and prognostics. OEMs will look to tap into these opportunities for revenue growth by investing in start-ups involved in digital technologies.

Author: Silpa Paul

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Executive Summary—Transformational Trends and Their Impact
Executive Summary—Top 5 Service Opportunities
Executive Summary—TaaS Market Size
Executive Summary—Key Findings
2. Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Background
Research Methodology
3. Definitions and Segmentation
Commercial Vehicle Definitions and Vehicle Segmentation
Truck as a Service (TaaS)—Definitions
TaaS Geographic Coverage
4. Evolution of Truck as a Service (TaaS)
Potentially Disruptive Business Models Cited by Global CEO Survey
Paradigm Shift from Product to Service
Need to Transition from Product to Service
5. Telematics/FMS
Telematics Service Revenue
Rising Penetration of Telematics Devices to Enable TaaS
Key Focus Areas in Telematics Packages
Roadmap of Key Telematics Services
Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates
Evolution of a New Business Model—No Contract/Initial Fee
TomTom Telematics—Collaborative Strategy for Growth
6. Digital Freight Brokerage
Brokerage Market Size
Investments in Digital Freight Brokerage
Growth Potential of Various Solutions
Future Value-added Services
7. Digital Retailing
Retail Digitalization Spending
Definition of Digital in Truck Retail
Evolution of Online and Digital Truck eRetail
Truck Retailing Strategy—From Push to Pull
Omni-Channel Retailing
Goodyear Roll—New Omni-channel Retail Strategy
Volvo Trucks—Using Social Media in a B2B Market
Future Store Formats
Aftermarket Services
Digital Aftermarket Parts Store in 2025
Digitization Expansion in Auto Parts and Service
Case Study—Alliance Truck Parts
8. Platooning
Platooning Market Size
Advantages of Platooning
Platooning—Level 2 Autonomous Driving Technology
Key Developments in Autonomous Trucking
Business Models for Truck Platooning
Platooning Market—Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments
9. Business Analytics
10. Business Analytics—Services Revenue
Advantages of Business Analytics
Big Data Enabled Services
Business Analytics—Revenue Model
ATLAAS by Fleet Advantage—Big Data Solution for Private Fleets
Connvex by Fleet Complete—An Analytics Platform
Trimble Reveal by TMW*—A Multi-industry Platform
11. Blockchain—a Key New Technology for Services
Roadmap of Trucking Services on Blockchain
Role of Blockchain in Freight Brokerage
Services Using Blockchain
Case Study—Blockchainfirst Toll Collection System
12. Truck OEM Activities in TaaS
TRATON Group—Investing in RIO
MAN Trucks— Innovations Roadmap
MAN Truck & Bus (UK) Attempts ‘Servitization’
Daimler Truck & Bus—New Global eMobility Group and Autonomous Development Center
Tata Motors Sets Up Mobility Innovation Hub
Nikola Motor Company—TaaS Value Proposition
13. Growth Opportunities in TaaS
Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 1—Dealership/OEM Omni-channel Retailing Strategy
Growth Opportunity 2—CRM
Growth Opportunity 3—Connectivity Solutions / Predictive Analytics
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
14. Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
15. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
List of Exhibits

List of Figures & Charts

1. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Key Findings, Global, 2018
2. Commercial Vehicle Market: Definitions and Segmentation, Global, 2018
3. Truck-as-a-Service Market: TaaS in MD-HD Trucks—Segmentation, Global, 2018–2025
4. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Factors Driving Servitization, Global, 2018–2025
5. Truck-as-a-Service Market: TaaS Opportunities, Global, 2018–2025
6. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Telematics Services Roadmap, Global, 2018–2025
7. Truck-as-a-Service Market: OTA, Global, 2018
8. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Telematics Business Models, North America, 2018–2025
9. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Road Freight Brokerage Value-added Services, Global, 2018–2025
10. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Evolution of Online and Digital Auto eRetail, Global, 2018–2025
11. Traditional and New Retail Strategy, Global, 2018
12. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Multichannel and Omni-channel, Global,2018
13. Pillars of Omni-channel Retailing, Global, 2018
14. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Roll by Goodyear, North America, 2018
15. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Viral Campaign, Volvo Trucks, Global, 2012–2017
16. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Future Store Formats, Global, 2025
17. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Aftermarket Services, Global, 2018–2025
18. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Auto Parts Retail and Service Center, Global, 2025
19. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Digitization Expansion in Auto Parts and Service, Global, Pre-2018–2025
20. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Digital Retailing—Alliance Truck Parts, North America, 2018
21. Truck-as-a-Service: Autonomous Driving, Global, 2018–2025
22. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Business Models for Truck Platooning, Global, 2018
23. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Truck Platooning Market, Global, 2018
24. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Benefits of Business Analytics, Global, 2018–2025
25. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Big Data in the Trucking Industry–the Business Case, Global, 2018–2025
26. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Fleet Advantage, North America, 2018
27. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Convex Analytics Platform, North America, 2018
28. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Trimble Reveal Analytics Platform, North America, 2018
29. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Road Map of Blockchain-based Services, Global, 2018–2025
30. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Freight Brokerage, Global, 2018
31. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Automotive Ecosystem on Blockchain, Global, 2018–2025
32. Case Study—Blockchainfirst Toll Collection System, Global, 2018
33. Truck-as-a-Service Market: TRATON Group, New Services Initiatives, 2018
34. Truck-as-a-Service Market: MAN Trucks, Innovation Map, 2018
35. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Servitization Case Study, MAN Truck & Bus, UK, 2018
36. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Daimler’s Innovation Strategy, Global, 2018
37. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Daimler’s Innovation Strategy, Global, 2018
38. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Nikola Motors’ Value Proposition, North America, 2018
39. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Growth Opportunities, Global, 2018
40. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Key Conclusions and Future Outlook, Global, 2018

1. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Revenue Breakdown, Global, 2018 and 2025
2. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Survey of CEOs, Global, 2018
3. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Telematics Service Revenue Forecast by Region, Global*, 2018 and 2025
4. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Telematics Installed Base Forecast by Region, Global, 2018, and 2025
5. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Revenue Forecast by Freight Brokerage Type, Global*, 2018 and 2025
6. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Investments in Technology Start-ups, Global, 2013–2018
7. Road Freight Brokerage Market: Series Investments in Technology Start-ups, Global, 2018*
8. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Growth Potential of Key Brokerage Solutions, Global*, 2018 and 2025
9. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Retail Digitalization Spending Forecast by Type, Global*, 2018 & 2025
10. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Definition of Digital Retail, Global, 2018
11. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Platooning Revenue Forecast by Type, Global*, 2018 and 2025
12. Truck-as-a-Service Market: Revenue Forecast by Business Analytics Services, Global*, 2018 and 2025

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