Technologies in Power Transmission and Distribution

Increasing Amount of Power Generated from Renewable Sources Leads to Widespread Adoption of HVDC and FACTS Solutions

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Rapid population growth leads to an exponentially increase in electricity demand. There is an increasing need to improve power transmission efficiency, and enabling renewables and diversified energy mix. High-voltage transmission systems, including HVDC and FACTS, are being actively adopted to minimize the power transmission losses and to ensure connectivity. This research is an attempt to identify, review and analyze the main power system components, as well as efficient and cost-effective methods for transmitting electric power from one location to another. The study covers innovations and technology advancements in high-voltage transmission systems, as well as technologies performance analysis and comparison

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Process and Methodology1.3 Key Findings2.0 Power Transmission and Distribution – Current Trends Review2.1 Technology Diagram Illustrating the Main Components in a Power System2.2 Power Transmission – Technology Overview2.3 Key Drivers in Power Transmission and Distribution2.4 Key Challenges in Power Transmission and Distribution3.0 Technologies Enabling Power Transmission and Distribution3.1 High Voltage Direct Current Transmission3.2 Technologies Enabling of High Voltage Direct Current Transmission3.3 Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System3.4 Technologies Enabling of Flexible AC Transmission System4.0 IP Landscape Analysis of HVDC and FACTS Technologies (2016-2018)4.1 Chinese Patent Office Leads in Global Patent Applications for Power Transmission Technologies4.2 Patent Activity for High Voltage Direct Current Transmission4.3 Patent Activity for Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System4.4 Competitive Landscape in Patent Activity for HVDC and FACTS5.0 Technology Analysis of Power Transmission Technologies5.1 Performance Comparison of Transmission Technologies5.2 Performance Comparison of FACTS and HVDC Technologies6.0 Key Contacts6.1 Key Industry Influencers Legal Disclaimer

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