Emerging Opportunities for Quantum Dots

Displays, Lighting, Lasers, Solar Cells, and Medical Devices Drive Growth Opportunities for QDs

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Quantum dots (QDs) can be defined as nanoscale semiconducting materials whose optical properties strongly differ according to its physical size due to quantum mechanical effects. QDs are able to absorb and emit photons within a narrow spectral range according to the particle size. Suspended in liquid media, QDs enable coating of the material through a variety of low-cost techniques, such as spin coating, spray, and dip coating among many other large-surface coating procedures.The distinctive features of QDs are attributed to its ability to tune light emission to a specific wavelength as well as its ability to use a single semiconducting material to emit different wavelengths by using particles of different size

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Quantum Dots: The Bigger Picture1.2 Research Focus: Quantum Dots Technology1.3 Research Scope: Unveiling Novel Applications1.4 Analysis Framework: Frost & Sullivan’s Core Value1.5 Research Methodology: Five Steps Toward Success2.0 Technology Trends and Opportunities2.1 Key Elements of Analysis: The ‘Quantum Dot’ Concept2.2 Brief Overview of Quantum Dots Across Industries2.3 Emerging Opportunities for Quantum Dots3.0 Technology Status Review and Assessment3.1 Technologies Convergence Enabling Quantum Dots Development3.2 Top Participants Developing Quantum Dots Technology3.3 Most Innovative Quantum Dots Developments3.4 Cross-Industry Penetration of Quantum Dot Developments3.5 Product Innovation Driven by Quantum Dots Development3.6 New Approaches Driving Quantum Dot Solutions3.7 Technology Synergy Reshaping Value Chain3.8 Technology and Business Landscape: Accelerators3.9 Technology and Business Landscape: Challenges4.0 Market Potential and Impact of Quantum Dots Technology in Different Industries4.1 Market Dynamics and Opportunities4.2 Market Potential: Product Type Focus Segmentation4.3 Market Potential: Material Focus Segmentation4.4 Market Potential: Application Sector Focus Segmentation4.5 Market Potential: Region Focus Segmentation4.6 Market Potential: Segmentation Summary4.7 Prominent Quantum Dots Market Leaders4.8 Regional Developments in Quantum Dots: North America4.9 Regional Developments in Quantum Dots: Europe and Asia5.0 Intellectual Property Analysis5.1 Technology Transfer Assessment and Perceptions5.2 Disruptive Quantum Dots Lighting Solutions5.3 Disruptive Quantum Dots Display Technologies5.4 Disruptive Quantum Dots Laser Technologies5.5 Disruptive Quantum Dots Solar Cells and Photovoltaics5.6 Disruptive Quantum Dots Life Sciences and Medical Devices6.0 Funding and Investment Landscape6.1 Funding and Investment Models and Adoption6.2 Funding and Investment Trends and Focus6.3 Private Funding and Investment Distribution6.4 Public Funding and Investment Distribution6.5 Pricing Models and Global Adoption6.6 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnerships Snapshot7.0 Technology Roadmap and Growth Opportunities7.1 Technology Maturity Level and Description7.2 QD Films Technology Maturity7.3 QD Sensors Technology Maturity7.4 QD Filters Technology Maturity7.5 QD On-Chip Technology Maturity7.6 QD Emissive Technology Maturity7.7 Roadmap 7.8 The Road Ahead: The QD Innovation Model7.9 Business Model Hybridization7.10 Future Perspectives on Quantum Dots8.0 Performance Benchmarking and Strategic Recommendations8.1 Multicriteria Approach for Benchmarking8.2 Strategic Portfolio Assessment8.3 Level 1 Criteria: Innovation Development8.4 Level 1 Criteria: Financial Performance8.5 Level 1 Criteria: Market Evolution8.6 Level 2 Criteria: Key Actions for Success8.7 Analytic Performance Results8.8 Multicriteria Final Assessment8.9 Quantum Dots Technology Platforms to Watch8.10 Nanoco’s VIVODOTS™ Project8.11 Quantum Materials’ Tetrapod QDs Films8.12 Thermo Fisher’s Qdot® Bioconjugates 8.13 Nanosys’ QDEF® Engineered Sheets8.14 Osram’s On-Chip Quantum Dots8.15 Samsung’s Electroluminescent QD Displays8.16 Strategic Business Cases8.17 Critical Success Factors9.0 Key Industry Influencers9.1 Key Industry Influencers 9.2 Key Industry Developers9.3 Key Industry InnovatorsLegal Disclaimer

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