Food & Beverages 4.0, 2018

IIoT for the Food & Beverages Industry

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The Future of Food & Beverage (F&B) Manufacturing with IIoT. The impact of information technology (IT) on the manufacturing industry has been tremendous in recent times. With an increasing number of machines being connected to the Internet, data is being generated in huge volumes. Advancements in real-time data processing and predictive analytics further help in discovering newer ways of utilising the data to generate insights for effective decision-making. Internet of things (IoT) and data analytics are the two main technologies that are driving the manufacturing space today. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a powerful upcoming trend in the F&B industry. The industry is not new to technological inno

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
2. Industrial Internet of Things—A Research Perspective
IIoT—Emerging Themes in the Industrial Environment
IIoT—Key Attributes of a Smart Factory
Frost & Sullivan’s Value Proposition in IIoT
3. IIoT Meets F&B—Getting the Combination Right
IIoT in Food & Beverages Industry—Key Sectors Covered in the Study
Technological Hotspots Where F&B Investments are Likely to Focus
What are the Challenges that Shroud the F&B Industry?
Key Areas in the F&B Supply Chain Where IIoT Can Make a Difference
What is the Impact of IIoT on F&B Manufacturing?
Where Does F&B Stand in Terms of IIoT Adoption?
Why is IIoT a Perfect Solution for F&B Manufacturing?
Changing Dynamics—Farm to Fork
Impact of IIoT Across the Food Value Chain
4. 2018 and Beyond—Future Implications of IIoT in F&B Manufacturing
F&B—Key Trends
Use Case—Rockwell Automation
Use Case—How are F&B Manufacturers Implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Supply Chain Management (SCM)?
IIoT in Food & Beverage Industry—Current and Future Outlook
5. Key F&B Trends in the Indian Market
IIoT in Food & Beverage Industry—Key Trends in India
Supply-Side Drivers—Indian F&B Sector
Demand-Side Drivers—Indian F&B Sector
Challenges Faced by the Indian F&B Sector
6. In Focus—Big 5 Opportunity Shifts in F&B Manufacturing
Big Data Analytics—A Major Driver for Disruptive Innovations in F&B Manufacturing
Food & Beverage—Key Technology Trends
AI Will Have a Key Role to Play in the Future of Food Production
Technology Management Strategies for Global F&B Industry
IIoT in Food & Beverages Industry—Regional Adoption Scenario
7. Investments in F&B 4.0—What Should be Your Next Move?
Revenue—F&B Sector
Workforce Transformation—Investing in People
Mergers, Acquisitions and PE Deals in F&B Industry
Way Forward
8. Growth Opportunities
Digital Transformation—A Global Opportunity
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
9. The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
10. Appendix
List of Exhibits
11. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. IIoT in Food & Beverages Industry: Impact of IIoT Across the Food Value Chain, Global, 2018–2025
2. IIoT in Food & Beverage Industry: Current and Future Outlook, Global, 2018–2025
3. IIoT in Food & Beverage Industry: Key Trends, India, 2018–2025

1. IIoT in Food & Beverages Industry: Technological Hotspots Where F&B Investments are Likely to Focus, Global, 2018–2025
2. IIoT in F&B Manufacturing: Key Drivers for IIoT Adoption in F&B and their Impact, Global, 2018–2025
3. Adoption of IIoT—F&B vs. Other Industries, Global, 2018
4. IIoT in Food & Beverage Industry: Regional Adoption Scenario, Global, 2018–2023
5. Total Processed F&B Market: Revenue, Global, 2017–2018
6. Total Processed F&B Market: Percent Revenue by Product Type, Global, 2018

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