Tissue Engineering-Technology Developments Spur Healthcare Markets (Technical Insights)


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People have been building replacement body parts for thousands of years. Tissue engineering takes this endeavor to the next level and inspires new healthcare opportunities and markets along the way

Table of Contents

Tissue Engineering-Technology Developments Spur Healthcare Markets (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyIntroduction and ScopeMethodologyKey FindingsStem CellsTissue ScaffoldsGlobal Market SummaryAsian and European MarketsMarket ForecastsGlobal Market Challenges and RestraintsTissue Engineering-Technology Developments Spur Healthcare Markets (Technical Insights), Introduction to Tissue Engineering and Regenerative MedicineHistory and BackgroundBuilding Replacement Body Parts Alternatives in the Event of Organ FailureTissue Engineering AdvancesOrgans and Tissues from Stem CellsSkin Replacement and RegenerationSpinal Cord Repair and RegenerationCartilage Repair and RegenerationBone Repair and RegenerationPlastic and Electronic Body Parts Off-The-ShelfTissue ScaffoldsBiocompatible Polymers for ScaffoldsTissue Engineering-Technology Developments Spur Healthcare Markets (Technical Insights), Global Tissue Engineering Markets and Barriers to CommercializationMarket ForecastsIntroductionEngineered TissuesImplants and Cartilage RegenerationOrgan TransplantationWounds and Skin UlcersBone Reconstruction and RegenerationSpinal Repair Therapies and Heart DiseaseMarket Drivers and OpportunitiesR&D FundingGlobal Market DynamicsJapanese and Asian MarketsEuropean MarketsMarket Challenges and BarriersQuality ControlUnderstanding Molecular BiologyMarketing to and Accurate Reading of Target CustomersAnimal Models and MoreVascular AccessThe Stem Cell DebatesEuropean Market In DisarrayTissue Engineering-Technology Developments Spur Healthcare Markets (Technical Insights), Assessment of Technology DevelopmentsOrgan EngineeringStem Cells + Scaffold + Growth Factors = New TissuesDesktop Organ PrintingNanotech Strategy Could Create New OrganshTERT Gene Grows Human Arteries On ScaffoldBioreactor Biocapsule Protects Pancreas CellsPPL Therapeutics Clones Knockout Pigs For Organ DonationFunctioning Liver Tissue Grown In A BioreactorTissue Engineering For Erectile DysfunctionEngineered Tissue Goes ChompNuclear Transplantation Avoids Immune RejectionScaffolds and MatricesIntroductionUse Biorubber Scaffold To Replace Damaged TissueProduce Tissue Scaffolds With 3D Ink And RobocastingDendrimer Biopolymers For ScaffoldsMolecule Mimics Tissue Nanostructure For ScaffoldsHydrogel Scaffolds Recover FastRe-Engineered Small Blood Vessels Grow On Donor ScaffoldEnhance Bone Adhesion Using Nano ParticlesPolymer Scaffold For Regenerating CartilageCartilage Repair CompaniesNanolithography To Regenerate Damaged Retinas?Skin Substitutes and Matrices= Wound-HealingBilayered Cellular Matrix Promotes Tissue RepairFibrinogen Bandage Heals Wounds NaturallyGluing Layers Of Skin With Green LasersA Collagen BandageAcellular Dermal Matrix Preserves Crucial StructuresAdditional CompaniesGrowth Factors and Gene TherapyIntroductionGene + Hydrogel Provide Cues To Regenerating BoneRhBMP-2Osteogenic Protein-1 (OP-1)Synthetic Thrombin Mimic Acts As True Osteogenic DrugDemineralized Bone Matrix (DBM)Adult Stem Cells For Healing Joint DamageAdditional CompaniesGrowth Factors and Stem CellsSynthetic Growth Factor Analogs Cheaper To Make And Easier To ModifyFat BiologyMatrix ProteinSonic Hedgehog Protein Eases Heart Attack; Promotes Spinal HealingPatches And New Blood Vessels For Damaged HeartsFibrin-Polymer Matrix Slows Growth Factor DissipationAdult Stem Cells Might Not Trans-DifferentiateInosine And Axogenesis Factor For Spinal RegenerationOcular ApplicationsFine-Tune Intraocular Lens with LightMagnetized Silicon Fluids To Repair Damaged RetinasPolymers for Tissue EngineeringIntroductionTemperature-Sensitive Hydrogel For Joint RepairStar Polymers Remember What To Bind For Surface CoatingsPolymer Surface Gets FuzzyBiodegradable Elastomer Is ToughGlass Coating May Extend Life Of ImplantsNanocomposite Spheres For Bonding LayersCoat Biomedical Substrates By Molecular Self-AssemblyBlend Polymer Films With Novel MethodMix Cells And Biodegradable Polymer Beads For Better ImplantsElectroactive Polymers Behave Like MusclesSecrets Of Spider Silk RevealedGoats Produce Spider Silk In BulkFiber Surpasses Silkworm SilkHydrogels For HealingOrgan PreservationHuman Heart Kept Alive Outside BodyPortable Organ PreservationTissue Engineering-Technology Developments Spur Healthcare Markets (Technical Insights), International Initiatives in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative MedicineGlobal Developments Netherlands-Next-Generation Biomimetic Coating Technology HereGermany-Rapid Prototyping Expands Into Medical IndustrySwitzerland-Synthetic Mimetic Repairs BonesCanada-Scaffold Grows Bone that Looks Like the Real ThingSweden-Scaffold BiomaterialCanada-Stem Cells Prompt Mouse Organ to RegenerateUnited Kingdom-Disposable Mold To Construct Human Tissue With Patient's Own CellsGermany-Depuy SpineIsrael-Fibrin for Tissue EngineeringIsrael-Regenerating CartilageSwitzerland-Growth Factors for Bone RegenerationCanada-Organic And Inorganic Elements Create Superior PolymerMiscellaneous Global DevelopmentsCollagen Regeneration and Chondrocyte ImplantsCartilage Cells and SubstitutesCartilage RepairTissue Engineering-Technology Developments Spur Healthcare Markets (Technical Insights), U.S. Patents Abstracts with Titles and Assignee NamesPatentsPatents-IPatents-IIAdditional PatentsPatents-IIIPatents-IVTissue Engineering-Technology Developments Spur Healthcare Markets (Technical Insights), Technical Insights' 2003 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology LeadershipIntroductionAward RecipientTechnology Innovation AwardIntroductionAward Recipient

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