Top Information and Communication Technologies, 2017

Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, Blockchain and Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) Among a Unique Group of Game-Changing Top 10 Technologies in the

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The proliferation of digital technologies has remained substantial over the past two decades. With ‘intelligence’ being seen as the next evolution post digitization, disruptive technology innovations in the ICT space are being developed around the world and have deeply permeated various applications and markets. The research service delves deeper into information and communication technologies from various technology and market attractiveness metrics such as innovation landscape, patent, funding, market potential, applications impact, regional adoption and disruptive potential. Technologies covered in this report include: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, 5G, Cyber Security, Mixed Reality, Natural Langua

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 TechVision - Top 50 Technologies for 2017 – Selection Methodology1.2 Top 10 Technologies in ICT Based on Innovation Index 1.3 Key Technology Trends in ICT1.4 Key Findings for 2017 Top Information and Communication Technologies2.0 Artificial Intelligence2.1 Developing Human-like Cognition for Machines2.2 Asia Will Replace the US to Become the Region with the Highest Adoption of AI by 2021 2.3 Steep Increase in Patents in 2016 Clearly Reflects High R&D and Innovations Globally as China Competes with the US for the Top Spot2.4 ICT and Healthcare are the Earliest Adopters but the Biggest Market in the Future will be Robotics and Automotive2.5 Advancements in Deep Learning Giving Rise to Innovative Ideas as Startups Compete Closely with Veterans2.6 Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service (AIaaS) will Dramatically Widen Application Scope in the Coming Years3.0 Hyper-Converged Systems3.1 Significant Cost Savings and Faster ROI Drive HCS Adoption3.2 Promising Growth Opportunities Noted in the European Region3.3 Increasing Focus on Mid-market Presence to Drive Market Penetration3.4 Banking and Manufacturing are the Highest Adopters of HCS3.5 Incumbent System Vendors Continue to Dominate HCS Market3.6 Demand for Flexible IT Infrastructure to Drive HCS Adoption in the Future4.0 Mixed Reality4.1 Advancements in Communication, Content Creation, and Graphics Technology are Paving the Way 4.2 North America will Experience First-mover Advantage and Grab a Major Part of Revenue4.3 United States and China Rapidly Progressing Towards Commercialization4.4 Consumer Electronics and Training Simulation Will be among the Early Adopters, Improving User Interface is the Key Purpose4.5 Companies are Emerging Across the Value Chain With Diversified Products4.6 Convergence With 5G will Enable Seamless Experience in the Future5.0 5G5.1 The Driving Force for the Connected World5.2 Asia and North America are Expected to be Early Adopters and Gain First-mover Advantage in Terms of Revenue5.3 APAC is Significantly ahead of the Race in Terms of Patents and Funding for 5G Technology Development5.4 Telecom and Automotive Will Initially Be the Key Revenue Generating Markets for 5G5.5 Companies are Rapidly Moving toward Commercialization5.6 5G Will Enable Easy Upgradation to 6G6.0 Small Data6.1 Internet of Things Increasing Demand for Small Data Analysis6.2 Increasing Amount of Sensor and Social Data is Facilitating Adoption in Retail, Government, and Manufacturing6.3 China Is Providing the Gateway to the APAC Market for Developers6.4 BFS and Retail are among the Early Adopters, but Government and Manufacturing Will Soon Experience the Benefits6.5 Companies Trying to Capture Minute Details to Facilitate Analytics Efficiently6.6 Advent of IoT and Autonomous Vehicles to Accelerate Adoption7.0 Blockchain7.1 Blockchain can be Applied in Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Asset Allocation, and Integrated Services7.2 Major Wave of Adoption Noted in the Middle East Region7.3 Venture Capital-led Funding Drives Investments in Blockchain 7.4 Finance and Retail are Among the Early Adopters Followed by Healthcare7.5 Blockchain Helps to Track Supply Chain and in Identity Management7.6 Blockchain Would Streamline Business Processes by Providing Traceability and Transparency in Transactions8.0 Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)8.1 Asia will see Highest Adoption of XaaS to Make it a $490 Billion Market by 2021 8.2 Multi-billion Dollar Funding is Triggering Development of Innovative Application Models8.3 XaaS Offers Digitization Capabilities to Wider Markets by Bringing Down IT Infrastructural Costs9.0 Natural Language Interaction9.1 Adoption of Big Data Analytics is Driving Natural Language Interaction 9.2 Presence of Technology Leaders and AI-based Start-ups Driving Adoption in North America9.3 Key Investments Have been Made in the Areas of Healthcare Followed by Automotive and Retail9.4 Virtual Agents can Handle Complex Query Using NLI9.5 NLI Helps Increase Productivity in Areas of Customer Relationship Management9.6 Growth of E-commerce Companies Will Embrace NLI Application Such as Sentiment Analysis10.0 Robotics Process Automation 10.1 Advancements in Banking and Information Technology Sector are Driving Adoption in North America10.2 RPA Development Tools Have Matured Quietly Over the Years10.3 Convergence with Cloud Computing Will Help in Delivering Infrastructure and Shared Services11.0 Cyber Security11.1 Israel is Closely Competing with North America in Terms of Adoption and Export of Cyber Security Products11.2 United States and China Lead Patenting Activities in Cyber Security11.3 New Generation of Security Solutions are Fast EmergingLegal Disclaimer12.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career12.3 Global Perspective12.4 Industry Convergence12.5 360º Research Perspective12.6 Implementation Excellence12.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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