Top Technologies in Energy and Utilities, 2017

Top Technologies in Energy and Utilities, 2017

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Energy has become a key ingredient in all sectors of modern economies. Growing economies, higher living standards, and digitalization have made the energy sector even more vital. Meeting the growing demand for energy in a sustainable manner is a crucial challenge for all countries.

This Top Technologies in Energy and Utilities report focuses on the technologies from E&U sector which will impact multiple industries, applications, and regions. Technologies were chosen after weighing the importance of these issues carefully. The selection of the technologies is made using TechVision’s proprietary selection process and methodology. Criteria like funding, the market potential of the technology, regional adoption, the technology’s disruptiveness, megatrend impact and patenting activity, were considered while assessing each technology.

The study offers in-depth strategic analysis of 10 important technologies including Lithium Batteries, Battery Management Systems, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Microgrids, Waste Heat Recovery, Tight Oil Extraction, Distributed Energy Generation, Offshore Wind Energy Technology, Fuel Cells and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle.

Table of Contents

1.1 Top 50 Technologies for 2017 – Selection Methodology

1.2 Top 10 Technologies in Energy & Utilities in 2017

1.3 Key Trends in the Energy and Utilities Cluster

1.4 Key Findings- Energy and Utilities

1.4 Key Findings- Energy and Utilities (continued)

2.1 Battery Management System is the Brain Behind a Battery Pack

2.2 Battery Energy Management System is Crucial for Industries that Require High Capacity Batteries

2.3 APAC is the Most Active Region for Funding and Patents

2.4 Companies to Watch

3.1 Asia Pacific is Set to Dominate the Distributed Resources based Energy Generation Market

3.2 Funding and Subsidies will Enable Faster and Wider Adoption in Developing Nations

3.3 Environment and Climate along with the Oil and Gas Sector will be most impacted by the adoption of Distributed Resources

3.4 Companies to Watch

4.1 Europe is the Global Leader in the Offshore Wind Market and is Expected to Continue for the Next Five Years

4.2 Europe and NA are Keen on Developing Offshore Wind Assets

4.3 New Materials And Smarter Monitoring Solutions Can Have A Significant Impact On The Offshore Wind Generation

4.4 Companies to watch

5.1 Lithium Battery Becomes One of the Most Crucial Inventions in 20th Century

5.2 Governments Worldwide Provide Funding on Lithium-ion Batteries

5.3 Multi-billion Opportunity in Various Spectrums

5.4 Companies to Watch

6.1 Global Rise in Energy Demand and Increasing Number of Matured Oil Wells Are Driving the Growth Prospectus of EOR

6.2 IP Portfolio for Enhanced Oil Recovery Has Been Sharp in US followed by Australia

6.3 Multi-billion Opportunity in Various Spectrums

6.4 Companies to Watch

7.1 The Future of Fuel Cell is Bright

7.2 Fuel Cell Will Impact the Stationary and Automotive Sectors the Most

7.3 APAC is the Most Active Region for Funding and Patents

7.4 Companies to Watch

8.1 Multi Billion Dollar Market That Can Impact Efficiency Of Industrial Systems

8.2 Focusing On Lower Grade Heat Recovery Can Benefit Domestic And Commercial Sectors

8.3 Automotive And Manufacturing Sectors Will Benefit Hugely From WHR

8.4 Companies to watch

9.1 Microgrids Can Become The Face Of Future Power Industry Especially In The African And Asian Regions

9.2 Both Government And Private Stakeholder Activities Are Very Encouraging

9.3 Power Utilities, Critical Infrastructure, and Remote Communities Benefit Hugely from Microgrids

9.4 Companies to Watch

10.1 Tight Oil Extraction has Disrupted Global Oil Markets With the US Witnessing Significant Progress

10.2 Funding for Tight Oil Extraction Technology Has Been Gradually Shifting toward Private Equity

10.3 Shifting to Natural Gas Utilization in Many Sectors has been the Highest Impact of Tight Gas Extraction Technology

10.4 Companies to Watch

11.1 IGCC Has the Potential to Transform into a Major Clean Coal Power Generation Technology

11.2 Funding for IGCC Technology Has Been Focused on Optimization of Gasifier and Syngas Generation

11.3 Multi-billion Opportunity in Various Spectrums

11.4 Companies to Watch

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12.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story

12.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career

12.3 Global Perspective

12.4 Industry Convergence

12.5 360º Research Perspective

12.6 Implementation Excellence

12.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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