Top Technologies in Microelectronics, 2017

Wearables, Next Gen Data Storage, Wireless Charging, and Micro-LED Driving Growth in Electronics

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•Microelectronics is a highly dynamic and versatile sector that is witnessing high level of technology innovation. The government’s push towards commercialising environment friendly technologies, the consumer’s preference to devices with small form factor and low cost, are primarily driving the innovations in this space. •Emerging microelectronics technologies have the potential to converge efficiently thereby opening up opportunities in across an array of industries. Product differentiation and new product development are potential strategies expected to create high growth opportunities in both new and existing markets. The key differentiating factor is expected to lie with the effectiveness with which

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Top 50 Technologies – Selection Methodology1.3 Trends in the Microelectronics Industry1.4 Wearables will Continue to have Market Attraction1.5 Trend of Miniaturization Creating Market for Flexible Hybrid Electronics and Smart Antenna; Energy Conservation Driving Rapid Charging and VLC2.0 Technology Deep Dive Wearables2.1 Practical Wearable Devices to Create a Million Dollar Opportunity by 20212.2 Consumer Electronics Companies Pushing Research Efforts in the Wearable Space2.3 Consumer Electronics and Healthcare Witnessing High Adoption2.4 Companies Expected to Impact the Wearables Market in the Short Term3.0 OLED Lighting3.1 Flexibility and Innovative Product Design Open Billion Dollar Opportunity3.2 Manufacturing Techniques and Technology Development as Key Patent and Funding Focus Areas3.3 Automotive and Architectural are High-impact Sectors3.4 Companies Expected to Influence the OLED Lighting Sector in the Near Term4.0 Next Gen Data Storage4.1 Enterprise and Cloud-based Storage Can Drive Market Growth4.2 Software-defined and Enterprise Storage Solutions Actively Pursued4.3 Digital Transformation Enhancing Adoption of Data Storage Solutions4.4 Companies Expected to Influence the Data Storage Market in the Near Term5.0 Holographic Display5.1 Automotive and Healthcare Industries Drive Market Growth5.2 Expanding Application Scope is Prime Focus of Research and Funding5.3 Unlimited Display Area Opens Up Business Opportunities and Possibility to Replace Conventional Displays5.4 Key Influencers6.0 Micro-LED6.1 Ten Fold Increase in Shipment of Micro-LEDs by 20216.2 Cost-effective Manufacturing Facility with Mass Production Capability as a Key Focus Area6.3 Interoperability Enabling Product Development across Sectors6.4 Companies and Research Institutes Expected to Influence Micro-LEDs7.0 Wireless Charging7.1 Adoption of Smart Devices and Electric Cars Will Propel Technology Advancements7.2 Technology Development and Commercialization as Funding Focus Areas7.3 Immersive Viewing Capability Generating High Interest7.4 Companies Expected to Impact the Wireless Charging Arena in the Near Term8.0 Rapid Charging8.1 Rapid Charging Opens Up A Billion Dollar Opportunity Globally8.2 China A Major Powerhouse In Terms of Research In Rapid Charging8.3 Interoperabity and Cost Effectiveness to Drive Consumer Adoption8.4 Companies Expected to Impact the Wearables Market in the Near Term9.0 Flexible Hybrid Electronics9.1 Industry Consolidation and Focus on Manufacturing Drive Opportunities in Fragmented FHE Industry9.2 Commercialization through Ramped-up Volume Production as Key Focus9.3 Versatility of FHE Key Factor Enabling Adoption across Industries9.4 Companies Expected to Influence Flexible Hybrid Electronics in the Near Term10.0 Smart Antenna10.1 Adoption of Smart Connected Devices Opened Multiple Opportunities10.2 University Led Research and Technology Start ups Being Actively Funded10.3 Communication and Wearable Technologies to have High Impact10.4 Companies Expected to Influence Smart Antennas11.0 Visible Light Communication11.1 Secure VLC Boosting High Speed Data Communication Market11.2 VLC Expected to Accompany Wi-Fi In Wireless Communication Technology Space11.3 Secure and Short-range Connectivity Boosting Internet of Things and Connected Devices11.4 Companies Expected to Influence VLC in the Near Term12.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career12.3 Global Perspective12.4 Industry Convergence12.5 360º Research Perspective12.6 Implementation Excellence12.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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