U.S. Airport Perimeter Security

A Market Niche in Decline

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In the years after 9-11, security at U.S. airports has increased with the addition of new screening technologies, more stringent traveler guidelines, and more bureaucratic oversight. Emphasis has been placed on what has been termed “a layered approach” to security. One such layer is the perimeter fencing surrounding U.S. airports and its associated security technologies intended to deter, delay, and alert a response of some kind. The following research reviews this U.S. niche market and offers an assessment of what to expect in years to come. Sizing this market was accomplished through estimates derived from state projects identified by the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive Summary—Market Engineering MeasurementsExecutive Summary—CEO’s PerspectiveMarket OverviewMarket Overview—DefinitionsMarket Overview—Definitions (continued)Market Overview—Definitions (continued)Market Overview—Key Questions This Study Will AnswerMarket Overview—Segmentation External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints—Airport Perimeter Security MarketDrivers and RestraintsDrivers ExplainedDrivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Restraints ExplainedRestraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)Forecasts and Trends—Airport Perimeter Security MarketMarket Engineering MeasurementsForecast AssumptionsAirport Perimeter Security Market—Spending ForecastSpending Forecast DiscussionCompetitive Overview—Airport Perimeter Security MarketMarket ParticipantsMarket Participants (continued)Market Participants (continued)Market Participants (continued)Market Participants (continued)Market Participants (continued)Competitive Factors and AssessmentAirport Perimeter Control Segment BreakdownAirport Perimeter Control Segment—Market Engineering MeasurementsAirport Perimeter Control Segment—Spending ForecastAirport Perimeter Control Segment—Spending Forecast DiscussionSecurity Enhancements Segment BreakdownSecurity Enhancements Segment—Market Engineering MeasurementsSecurity Enhancements Segment—Spending ForecastSecurity Enhancements Segment—Spending Forecast DiscussionThe Last WordThe Last Word—Three Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixMarket Engineering Methodology

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