U.S. Desalination Plant Markets


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This report complements B019-15 Asian Desalination Plant Markets and 3857-15 Middle East, North Africa and Europe Desalination Plant market. It looks at the market for plants for all saline water concentrations, and includes technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Electrodialysis, thermal technologies and Vapour Compression

Table of Contents

U.S. Desalination Plant Markets, Executive SummaryOverviewIntroductionDefinitions & ContentChallenge IdentificationSummary of Research FindingsMarket Drivers & RestraintsCompetitive EnvironmentConcluding RemarksU.S. Desalination Plant Markets, Key Challenges to the US Desalination Plant MarketKey Challenges to the US Desalination Plant MarketTop 10 Industry ChallengesAnalysis and Impact of ChallengesU.S. Desalination Plant Markets, Market Drivers & RestraintsForcefield AnalysisKey Market ForcesMarket Drivers & RestraintsDriversRestraintsU.S. Desalination Plant Markets, Market Structure & Revenues ForecastMarket Overview & DefinitionsOverviewDefinitions & ContentIndustry StructureRegulatory OverviewMarket ForecastRevenues ForecastMarket Engineering MeasurementsCurrent Market Characteristics & TrendsDesalination Plant Operating CostsDesalination Plant Construction CostsTrends by TechnologyTrends by Feedwater QualityTrends by Plant CapacityTrends by End UserPlant FundingCase StudiesOther TrendsU.S. Desalination Plant Markets, Competitive AnalysisIntroductionCompetitive StructureInteraction Between Plant Manufacturers and Membrane ManufacturersInteractions Between Plant Manufacturers and ConsultantsCompetitive Forces AnalysisMarket Share AnalysisMarket Share AnalysisU.S. Desalination Plant Markets, Market Trends by Feedwater QualityMarket Trends by Feedwater QualityBrackish WaterPure WaterRiver WaterSeawaterWaste WaterU.S. Desalination Plant Markets, Geographical TrendsRegional TrendsTrends by StateDesalination Focus: ArizonaDesalination Focus: CaliforniaDesalination Focus: FloridaDesalination Focus: GeorgiaDesalination Focus: HawaiiDesalination Focus: MassachusettsDesalination Focus: OklahomaDesalination Focus: South CarolinaDesalination Focus: TexasU.S. Desalination Plant Markets, Frost & Sullivan AwardsFrost & Sullivan AwardsFrost & Sullivan AwardsMarket LeadershipU.S. Desalination Plant Markets, Decision Support DatabaseWater Management ServicesWater PricesFreshwater Availability Per CapitaFreshwater WithdrawalsPercentage of Population Connected to the Water NetworkWater Consumption Per Capita

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